It’s not even noon yet…

I left the house this morning and went to St. Louis Bread Co, you may call it Panera in your area, with my iBook in tote. Eating a bagel and drinking coffee, I was reading the best of Craigslist. I had just started reading a post titled Bye Bye Vibrator when a figure loomed over me asking, “What kind of computer is that?” I turned to see a woman, in her forties, practically resting her head on my shoulder reading the contents of my screen. I looked back at my computer and in big, black, bold letters it read:

Bye Bye Vibrator

Stuttering and stammering, which sounds like, “uh.. uuuhh… uhh, uuuuuuuh,” I reacted by slightly closing the lid and displaying the Apple on the back cover, unable to say the name of the sweet fruit. She responded with, “Oh, it’s an Apple. I just never see computers that are ‘all white’ like that.” I nodded my head and found my mouth forming a slight smile for no good reason. Pleased to know the answer that plagued her brain, she walked away. Soon after, I packed up my iBook and split.

What a way to start a Sunday…

LimeWire for Mac OS X

I knew it would happen eventually, that i would succumb to P2P software for the Mac. I downloaded LimeWire for OS X and began downloading. I wish I had done this earlier, considering what I managed to find in the past 12 hours. Of course there are programs (a few I grabbed for later), and videos… and music. It’s an unlimited supply of music. And on Mac OS X, since there are no viruses, I can download pretty confidently. It’s so nice. Mmmm, LimeWire.


I added a small Flickr moblog to the sidebar of my blog. It will display the three most recent photos of my Flickr page. Most of the pictures on there are extremely low quality pictures taken with a camera phone. Hopefully this will change as I take more pictures with my Kodak camera. Take a peek, check things out, leave comments if you wish…

New Orleans

Katie and I have made plans to go to New Orleans next week as a mini getaway. We’d been talking of a vacation for quite a while. She wanted to go West; I wanted to go anywhere. So, a few weeks ago, New Orleans came up in conversation and we saw that we’d both have the available time to go. We knew we wanted to stay in the French Quarter, but were wary of the prices of hotels there. Amazingly, we snagged a room at a great rate at the Royal Sonesta, right on Bourbon Street.

Other than the hotel arrangements, not much else has been planned. We both know of specific places we would like to visit, but we’ve not crafted a formal itinerary.

Plans are definite, we leave on the 4th and will be back on the 8th.

WebHost Switcheroo

I switched webhosts two days ago, wth no downtime. I was having some serious customer service conflicts with my old host and so I had to jump ship. I had been with my old host for about two years (Aug 2003), and the customer service sucked. Earlier this month I submitted a ticket to change plans to something cheaper. I never received a reply. Ever. I also had a ticket submitted regarding some domain name transfers that were never answered either. I had to bypass them and go directly to eNom, who fixed the problem immediately. So, with all of these problems stacking up, I decided to start anew and went shopping for a new host.

I checked out a few of the major ones, but didn’t see any plans that realistically met my needs or my budget. Then I looked into CitadelHost. Their rates are pretty reasonable, so I did some reasearch on WebHostingTalk Forums and they had great reviews both in uptime and customer service. I submitted an order and had a welcome email within 20 minutes. I transferred my files, my databases, and then switched the nameservers for the domains. So, here I am. I’m really happy with the change and the fact that I am saving money.

My new plan consists of 200MB of storage, 5GB of transfer, 5 MySQL databases, and 100 POP3 email accounts.

RAM upgrade, and a few popped keys.

I finally got around to taking my iBook to the Apple store and had the RAM upgraded from 256 to 512MB. With a student discount, I got the RAM at 10% off and the install was free because they didn’t have RAM in stock when I initially purchased the iBook. I handed my machine over to the tech and he began removing the keyboard. He stated it was jammed, grabbed a tool, and proceded to put it under the edge of the board and lift. Doing so popped off a few keys and slightly bent the board up. Nervously, he said, “I’ll be right back,” grabbed the iBook and ran into the back room. Another tech emerged with my laptop, began installing the RAM, and said he’d have to order a keyboard to replace the now broken and bent one. Later, after checking stock, he saw that he had one in the store and so he replaced my keyboard as well.

While that’s all fine and dandy, the new keyboard is a little different than the previous. The right side of the board, especially the “delete” key, is extremely loose and does not have as much bounce as the left side. It’s super noisy when I hit the delete key. I guess the solution to that is to make fewer errors. 😉

I have seen the light…

iMac G5With my recent purchase of an iBook, I have finally seen the light. I am moving away from the dark side and would like to replace the Windoze machine that I just built in March with an iMac G5. So, I have my custom built machine listed on eBay, and on Craigslist St. Louis. Let’s all hold hands and think really hard about it selling for a decent price so that I can turn around and purchase an iMac with the money made.

Peace out, Windoze.

Sell me anything

I posted a short while ago that I had joined Netflix. Well, within that same week, I signed up for Blockbuster Online for a free two week trial to check them out and compare the two services. Of the two, I prefer Netflix for a few reasons, including their website layout, the fact that I can have multiple queues (one for me, and one for Katie), and just general ease of use. I liked Blockbuster because they had a fast turnaround rate, and every month they gave you two free e-coupons that could be used in the store to rent movies or games. Their downfall? The website sucks. So I decided that I was not going to stay on with them, and I’d just renewed my account with Netflix for $18/month. Having the two services and paying close to $35 each month, for movies alone, is ridiculously out of my budget. My two week trial was to end with Blockbuster on 7/13 and so I logged into my account tonight to cancel before they renewed me for $15/month. So, after hitting cancel, I was reading through their “we want you to stay” specials and saw that I could keep the subscription, for another month, at $10 off, paying only $4.99 for a month of movies delivered to the house. I’m such a sucker and the price was right so I decided to renew for one more month.

This is perfect, as lately Netflix has not been very fast with shipping. Last weekend I was supposed to get two movies on Saturday, but they never showed up. They didn’t come Monday, because of the holiday, nor did they come Tuesday. On Tuesday I did have two movies in my mailbox from Blockbuster, though. Netflix was giving me two shipments per week in the beginning. Now I am only getting 1. Blockbuster has been consistent with shipping times and I get two shipments from them each week, averaging 5-6 movies per week. Lately, with Netflix, I am averaging about 4 per week.

Maybe this month at the low price of $4.99 will change my mind about who I go through for movies, because if Netflix starts to throttle me I will not be a happy kid.

My new iBook

I am currently posting from a new iBook that I picked up on Sunday. My girlfriend bought a PowerBook Saturday to replace her Dell and I spent the latter half of that evening whining, moping, and being jealous. So, instead of dumping her and finding a Windows user to be my gal, I did the next best thing. Join her.

My iBook rocks a G4 processor, 256MB RAM, and a 30GB hard drive. The G4 is super speedy, switching applications on the fly. I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 512 in the store on Sunday, but they were out of stock. So, I am running a wimpy 256 but not noticing it too terribly. Once I do double the RAM, it will probably work out some kinks like choaking when loading multiple pages in Camino. The 30GB hard drive may sound a little light considering I have a 40GB iPod, but I didn’t want a bigger drive. I recently purchased a 160GB Western Digital EIDE drive and, using an Adaptec drive enclosure, turned it into a high speed USB 2.0 external drive. After getting the iBook on Sunday, I reformatted 25GBs of the 160 to FAT32, hooked it up to my Mac, and could read and write to the drive. I nearly doubled my space with a 5 minute reformat. Kickass.

I registered to try out the .Mac service for 60 days for free. Does anyone know/have an opinion as to whether this service is worth the $100 per year? I can see some sort of value in having online storage, email access from anywhere, ease of publishing photos to the web, and a place where I can sync my contacts and bookmarks, and then access them from anywhere. But, at $100 a year? Ack.

So my new iBook is gorgeous. Being able to sit outside and post to my blog is kind of amazing, and surfing the web while eaiting breakfast is kind of awesome. I was always against the idea of a laptop. I think I just hated the way Windows laptops performed as they always seemed to have a mind of their own. But, this Apple iBook is perfect. Perfect size, perfect looks, and perfect performance.

Drool, kids…