Free TruTones for the LG vx7000

This is a mini lesson on getting free TruTones (real music sound clips, not midi, not poly) to you LG vx7000, if you own one. First, let’s go to the best source for ringtones, the provider themselves, Verizon Wireless. Now, at time of this post, which is 2:00PM on 5/25/05, in order to play these tones on the above linked site you just have to click on a link. The links you click are to actual mp3 files. Now, you can’t download them from here directly, but you can email yourself a bunch of these addresses and save those links to your desktop (by right clicking on the hyperlink and selecting Save as… or Save link as…). From there, make a quick copy of the file and rename the original file to whatever you want, changing the file extension from mp3 to mid. After doing that, open your email client and compose a message to Leave the subject line and body of the message blank. Attach the mid files to your email. I have only been attaching 5 or so at a time. Send the email.

Very soon you will get a PIX message and you can save the attached mid ringers to your phone where you can then use them as you wish.

The cool part: As if that’s not cool enough… Ringtones ordered from vzw through Get It Now are DRM protected meaning you can’t send them to anyone. The files you send to yourself are not and are the exact same ones you would DL anyway.

Yesterday I actually spent $10 to get four TruTones off the vzw server. This is extremely steep, in my opinion. For educational purposes, I found a way to add ringers to my phone at a fraction of the cost. Verizon gave me the tools and I am using them in the best way possible. I will never pay for another ringtone again. Also, with an mp3 editor I can create my own, which means I am not limited to what VZW has on their site. I am very much so in need of a Flaming Lips ringtone. Kickass.

T minus 65 hours

I leave for NJ in three days! I’ve got a list of things to do and it’s not short. Today I have to go do some light shopping in preparation, including clothes, some toiletries for my daughter, and a few things from the grocery store. We leave in 65 hours.

We take off at 5:30 on Friday morning and fly into Cincinnati, where we change planes, and then fly into Philadelphia, arriving at about 10:45AM. So, there’s only about 4 hours and 15 minutes of travel time (loss of an hour flying East), but with a two year old I’m sure it will seem like an eternity.

I intend to pack a portable DVD player, an iPod, food, books, crayons, toys, and various other devices meant to entertain a child. For me, just the book I ordered, The Design of Everyday Things.

Tomorrow begins packing… ugh. I entirely dislike packing for trips. I never know how much to take, what the weather’s going to be like, and what events have been planned. Checking the weather for Cape May on returned rain all weekend. This should be interesting as I was looking forward to going to the beach.

The animal… within.

link in 2005Holiday 2005 brings a new chapter to the Legend of Zelda series. This one is called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The graphics look insane. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. If you can, click through and check out the screenshots. This game is going to be gorgeous! It seems there is a dark and light Hyrule and when Link goes to the dark Hyrule “he transforms into a wolf and must scour the land” and find a way to return Hyrule to only light. I’m. So. Ready.

When an evil shadow stretches from the heart of Hyrule to its peaceful borderlands, a young farm boy named Link must awaken the hero … and the animal … within.


Redesign in the werks.

So, I think I’m tired of my current theme. I’ve been using it for well over a year and I think I’m just ready to move to something a little more simple. Since I am not taking classes this summer (maybe… ) I will have a lot of time to do a major overhaul of the site. I suck using Photoshop so graphics will be at a minimum. I really need to take a Photoshop class or just buy a book and do some reading. Can anyone recommend a good PS book?

Also, found this kick ass site today called Fernando_Graphicos which has a WordPress section, WP themes, and a way to add a CSS to your RSS feed. If you’re unimpressed, at least check out the before and after views of the RSS feed. Neat-o.


I think I might be stuck on this USB drive for a while as I keep finding new software for it. While browsing around I was looking for a sophisticated calendar/contacts/to-do program that was free and would run directly off the USB drive. I found, quite possibly, the perfect solution. It’s called EssentialPIM! If you have time, go and check it out. It can be installed on your PC or run directly from your USB flash drive. This program has so so so many cool features and I feel a review from me will give it very little justice, but I’ll try. When you launch the program, you are given the option to import contacts and calendar files from Outlook. I am not an Outlook user, but was able to export data from Mozilla Thunderbird and then import it using EssentialPIM’s import tool. It opened the .csv file and asked you to match up, on the first contact, the data to EssentialPIM‘s info fields. Easy.

After launching the program, the start page is the “Today” view. On the left is a fixed menu to switch between areas of information, including Schedule, To-Do, Notes, and Contacts. The main view, in the middle, shows you today’s and tomorrow’s schedule, where you can jump to detailed descriptions by clicking on a task, via a link. On the right, in the main view, lists your To-Dos and Birthdays, of all things. I’d prefer something like “Holidays” or “Upcoming Important Dates” that you can flag in the calendar. As you can see, I am not very busy today and tomorrow.

Selecting Schedule offers a calendar like view in either Day, Week, Month or Year views. I have always been a “Month” type of viewer as I like to see weeks at a glance and a little bit into the future, but not too much. The year view, though, is just so cool and could probably be used for long-term planning or for planning projects that require large portions of time to complete. Adding events is super easy as well. Click on a date in any Schedule view and add an event/task. By clicking and dragging, in day view, you can select a span of time to add an event. I think this is an awesome feature. Here is the Schedule in “Month” view:

The Contacts section of the program is amazing. You can enter in all of the vitals, including name, address, email, phone numbers, birthday, and notes. Also, in contacts, you can have unlimited custom fields. This is super handy since the program only allows for one email addy for each contact. My default view is first name, last name, and email address. All contacts’ email addresses appear as links and use the mailto: link to open the default email program. Another cool feature is that you can add pictures of your contacts to their profile. Seen below is my contacts page with a picture showing for the selected contact. In this case, my girlfriend. 😉

Having this kind of data on a USB drive is a security risk. Loss of the drive could make myself or any of my contacts vulnerable to weirdos. I looked for a way to password protect the directory but couldn’t find anything logical and easy to use. It appears a 3rd party program is not needed since EssentialPIM has a built in password protect feature. When the program launches, the main window pops up, no data is displayed, and the user is prompted for a password. Genious.

I hope I covered enough about this program to at least make you click through to the creator’s site. It’s free and oh so cool. There were a few things I didn’t cover including Notes, which seems to be an integral part of the program but I have yet to find a use for, so you may want to check out other screenshots of the program. The developer does issue new releases every month, and takes requests for program features in his forum. If none of this is a selling point, the installer is only 1MB and after you install it and add contacts, you are only looking at about 2MBs of used disk space. Insane…. EssentialPIM

You Ess Bee

Geek Squad LogoI got a slamming deal on a Geek Squad 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It’s regularly $99.99, but I got one on an in-store deal for $39.99. Holy shit, that’s a lot of space for super cheap. I was never able to justify the purchase of a USB drive before, but that much space for that little money was way too good to pass up. So, if you have a USB drive, what do you carry on it? Here’s my list, thus far:

  • First and foremost, I have my entire MRI disk loaded on it. This is what I use at work to troubleshoot and repair most of the PCs that I work on (non-hardware related). This is a whopper, and takes up about 2/3 of the drive at 660 MBs, but it’s loaded with anti-virus and spyware removal tools, as well as hardware check tools, Service Pack 2 (and all appended fixes), and so many other nifty pieces of software.
  • PortableFirefox, for browsing on the go. It has my bookmarks and extensions.
  • PortableThunderbird, for grabbing mail on the go. It has my address book, settings, and extensions loaded.
  • A copy of Texturizer 1.92, my favorite text editor. Mmmm….
  • Nero 6, in the event I need to use a more mature burning program.
  • A copy of DVD Shrink 3.2, uhh… just cuz.
  • A password protected txt file with numerous account numbers, product keys, and other info.

I’m adding things as I think of them. I luurve my little USB drive. 🙂

Anyone see anything I am missing that is a must have?

TV stuff..

Congrats to and yay for Tom for winning Survivor! I liked him since episode 2 and am so glad that he won.

So, HBO cancelled Carnivale. I’m really really disappointed by the news as it was a great show and I was really looking forward to a third season. Arghhh…

This next paragraph includes spoilers about the season finale of The L Word. So, if you don’t wanna read it, (Katie), then don’t. If you do, start highlighting at the bar below.


So, I really enjoyed the entire season and it was awesome to see characters develop over time. But, the finale was kind of crappy. For those of you who know nothing about The L Word, this will make no sense.. Gloria Steinam… funny stuff.

What the hell is up with Jenny? I liked her all season, except the past two or three episodes. What is her deal?? I really didn’t understand the Heart concert and the way she was mesmerized. And then she ends up cutting herself, Shane walks in, and then Jenny laughs about it, gets dressed, and goes to the hospital to see a newborn? Is that all these writers fucking have!? So disappointing.

So Shane can say “I Love You..” Wow. It took all season to figure that out? Well, I guess we can all rest easy now that that’s been figured out. I was worried… Tch..

Oh Bette…

Tina, you’re a bitch. You moved out, wanted autonomy, started dating some chick with money who wanted you for sex and then realized that Bette was the best thing in your life. So, now you want to move back in with her so you can have sex and love. Hmmm…

Helena. Die.

Alice and Dana, they’re so cute/funny/awkward but sometimes these bullshit fights that have to be made up are lame and annoying.

Why wasn’t Tina in the last shot, with all of the other girls? The finale shot and she’s not there? That’s nuts…

It may sound like I’m bitching (I’m actually critiquing, thank you), but I’m so sucked in and I’m totally watching next season. Hopefully my girlfriend will have HBO at her house and we can make it a Sunday night ritual.

So, I’m boring…

I was talking to my girlfriend this evening and I mentioned that I hadn’t updated my blog in quite a while, and she responded by saying that i was “boring.” I’ve been questioning whether I really need all of this web space and whether I really need a blog anymore since I don’t update as frequently as I used to. I don’t think I am ready to entirely quit blogging; I think i just needed to pause for a while and get other things in life settled (new job, finals in school, et al.).

A solution for me would be to port my blog to a free host like Blogger, or…. okay Blogger. I can have a free weblog, use Google’s free GMail, and save about $13/month.

I just don’t think I am ready to drop my home. I luurve WordPress, luurve getting email, and luurve being able to test things out on the web at my leisure. I just wish I could do it at a more reasonable rate than I am right now.

Another boring post, courtesy of moi…

Back from the depths of life.

I just purchased The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman. The book came highly recommended by one of my favorite professors and so I purchased a copy today, but hope it takes a while to get here. This is what I have chosen to read on my flight.

Flight? Oh that’s right.. I fell off the face of the earth again and failed to mention that I had booked a flight for my daughter and I to go to Cape May, NJ to visit my girlfriend at the end of May. She will be moving to St. Louis one week after we visit. I am really excited to get the hell out of St. Louis. I love this place, but sometimes it is so nice to leave, come back, and be reminded why you like it so much.

This is my last week of classes, and next week I have finals. I am so glad to see the semester end. It’s been the worst one since I started back to school. I’m so glad to kick its ass out the door.

I started a new job, but am not ready yet to divulge my place of work nor my position. Maybe soon, maybe never…