Awesomely Bad…

So, I had the most awesome/shitty day ever. Firstly, at 9am this morning, a replacement Treo 600 arrived via FedEx to my doorstep. The Treo I received back in October stopped making outbound calls, wouldn’t receive incoming calls, and it wouldn’t send text messages. Replacement: Awesome!

My daughter was being a monster since the second she opened her eyes. Now, normally I am very good with Little Monsters and can pretty much decipher what their next move is, but today my Monsterdar was way off. Between screaming her head off as we were walking out the door to school, eating ashes from the ashtray in the evening, and coming out of her room naked after I had put her in bed, we’ve had a busy day. Children: Bad Move.

I made it to school where I survived a math test, struggled with vi scripting in UNIX, and got the nastiest look from a dude in the Fitness Center. WTF? Hasn’t he ever seen a boi girl wonder on a stationary bike. Jeez… School: Frustrating.

Now, the most awesome part of my day is actually brought to you (& me) by one of my peers. Walking out to my car after getting the nasty look from the boy (who I secretly said in my head was “good looking”) I found this.. drawn on the ground right behind my parked car. This is what I live for. Ladies: Awesome!

I Heart You Miss Mary

Email down…

The mail server on my host has been down for almost 48 consecutive hours. This is most aggravating. So, if you need to contact me, please do so at aeonnfluux AT gmail DOT com. Once my email is restored, please use my normal addies.

Uggh, I am rather sick today. I’ve got the whole runny nose, coughing, sinus pain thing going on. Like little Mary, I have the croup. Heh…

I’ve returned to using an RSS Reader, specifically FeedReader, an open source lightweight ti-pane program. I’m not sure if I like it all that much. It fumbles a few of the feeds, but has been mostly consistent. I am going to try out a few others before I settle on this one.

So, I managed to miss my Tues-Thurs classes both days this week, which is not a good thing. Missing a whole week of classes can be super crappy, especially when it’s math and UNIX.

I’m going back to bed…

Defying homo nature?

My niece, Frances, is in the hospital recovering from hip surgery due to an ongoing problem. I went to visit yesterday and when I was leaving I was joined by my Sister, Nancy, and my brother, John. In the elevator was a young man in medical scrubs with a curly cut, glasses, and a soft voice. He was telling us about Children’s hospital (which has been open for about a year), and making small talk. Upon exiting, Nancy turns to me and tells me that was her daughter’s nurse. I “hmmm”ed. Then Nancy asks, “Is he gay?” I looked at her and said, “Oh my God. Absolutely.” There was something about him that set off my gaydar, which is finely tuned. Then, Nancy says, “He was sooo nice to Frances and everyone.” Looking at her, and smiling, I “hmmm”ed again. Then she says, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a mean gay person. Like, all the gay people I have met have been really nice.” In my best gay lisp ever, I stated that being nice was just the criteria for being gay. Nancy then says, “Except you, Mary. You’re the only mean gay person I have met.”

Is it possible she thinks I’m mean because I am her sister, or is it possible that I defy my homo nature and really am the only mean gay person that roams the earth?

Treo 650

Egad boys and girls! Check out this teaser page for a Treo 650 on VZW’s website. There was wide debate about whether Verizon was ever going to carry this phone on their network, and one gentleman I spoke to back in January swore up and down that they were not going to carry the 650 due to OS bugs. No release date as of yet; did you expect any less from Verizon Wireless though?


So there is now an official site up for the ÆON FLUX movie, but there’s nothing there except a lame screen and an option to register for updates. Yesterday I went to see Sin City (an absolute must see), and saw a poster for ÆON FLUX and got really excited. One can only assume that it’s going to be out this summer (which has been the rumor forever). The good thing about this is that, regardless of the film doing well, MTV will probably release the original series on DVD, which would make me a pretty happy gal. I just wish I could see a trailer or screenshots. I’m feening.