14GBs? No problem!

I gave up on transferring music from the other computer to this one for a few days, and then i got a hankering for some of my other music that didn’t start with A-C. Go figure. So I rattled my brain a bit, and was trying to figure out how I was going to achieve this without a lot of hassle. What could hold that much info and not be too terribly expensive? How about the iPod I already own? Yeah… That’ll do. Now, I just needed a way to copy files from the iPod to my new PC. iTunes doesn’t support this function, and a lot of freeware apps don’t either. But XPlay does. I downloaded a copy of XPlay, uploaded my music from my old PC to the iPod, hooked it up to my new system, opened XPlay, and crossed my fingers. I started transferring folders in small groups, 2 or 3 at a time.. then jumped to 30, literally. XPlay was moving files from the iPod to my PC at an amazing speed. I got my entire collection on my computer in under ten minutes. I can’t believe that for the past two weeks I have been picking my brain on how to make this happen. It was easy as pie.

Back to the salt mines

It’s back to school for me today, which sucks because my spring break was so nice and I am not looking forward to it ending. Adding insult to injury, it’s pouring down rain outside which means I have to walk around campus with an umbrella, or try to hop between buildings, staying inside, to keep dry. I really want to stay home today…

Beep boop bop boop boop bop bop

Robot Easter BasketToday I ventured out to make some Easter-related purchases, including some candy and a small basket/bag thing for my girlfriend’s parents. While perusing the Easter season aisles of hell that were jampacked with people purchasing candy filled eggs, bags of fake grass for 25¢, and yucky marshmallow things, I spotted the robot basket pictured at right. My daughter has a plush pink bunny basket that I used last year with goofy floppy ears, but I fell in love with the robot basket as soon as I saw it, and so I purchased it. I rushed home, filled him with grass, shoved plastic eggs, chocolate bars, and an inflatable globe into his square shaped opening. This Easter basket is the best thing I have ever found. I think I may keep it out all year.


I spent most of the day at my sister’s house working with her PC. Her system was pretty screwed as it was infested with spyware and wouldn’t run anything in a timely manner. There was a massive process steadily running that was taking over 80% of the system resources. I decided itbest to reformat the drive, reinstall XP, and then go from there. So, I did. I installed some utilities to keep it clean, and now the system is running as it should. My bro-in-law said that i could come out to his store tomorrow and *shop for comics.* I currently have a backlog of reading, so I may take him up on that later. Speaking of comics:

Adrian Tomine: I am still very much so on my Adrian Tomine kick, and I now own a lot of his work, including Summer Blonde, 32 Stories: The Complete Optic Nerve Mini Comics, Scrapbook (yet to be read), and Sleepwalk and Other Stories (which I plan on finishing this evening). I am having such a hard time getting past this guy. I may break and get a subscription, but he publishes so infrequently that the waiting period would kill me.

More to read: I was given two graphic novels to read, including Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse, which I swear I have heard the title of before and Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming by Rachel Hartman. I have to read Stuck Rubber Baby immediately so that I can send it to Katie who tried to steal it from me so that she could read it on her flight.

Identity Crisis: My bro-in-law gave me the first issue of the series to read and I was sucked in. I went back and he had issues #4, #5, and #6 of 7 total. I ordered #2, #3, and #7 through Starclipper, a comic shop, and so far only #3 has come in. I am hopeful that #2 will arrive so that I can continue and finish the series. I still can’t get over the fact that there was a superhero that went by the name of Elongated Man. Weird. (Confusing number-filled paragraph?)

I just finished I Never Liked You by Chester Brown. I perused the Drawn and Quarterly website, being curious about his other work, and think I’d like to check out Ed the Happy Clown and The Playboy.

L is for Lonely

Spring Break was last week, and Katie was in town keeping me super busy which is why I didn’t post at all. After having breakfast with me this morning, she left to go back to Skidmore. She and I have been very spoiled this semester with back to back visits; whereas, last semester we only saw each other once, in October. It’s been nice! All of that changes now as I won’t see her again until June when she moves to St. Louis. The next three months are going to be crappy, but we’re strong girls and we’ve done it before. I gots faith. She’s only been gone 9 hours and I’m already lonely. Meh…

Ze Build Part I

Yesterday a slew of components arrived for my PC, and so I began my build. If you click the “more” link below, you can see a bunch of snapshots of the build. Some of the pics are semi-large and they may take a while to load. If you’re on a crippling slow connection, I’d recommend a skip. But, if you’re zipping along, check it out. It was so much fun to do and I’m glad I decided to document the progress as no one would ever believe I built my own PC.

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I love you, I hate you

My Treo 600 and I have been fighting lately, mostly in regards to this SD Card problem. At breakfast, on Sunday, I was comparing my Treo with someone else’s at breakfast and we got on the topic of SD cards. I popped mine out to show her, and then popped it back in. I checked to see whether the card had been erased. Not the case. Now the card was merely unrecognizable to the phone. So, I tried formatting it over the next few days without luck. This evening, entirely fed up, I turned to Google for answers. In a forum post, someone with the same issue mentioned a utility that allows the Treo’s card to be mounted as a logical drive in XP. It’s called Softick Card Export II. This program instantly recognized my card on the Treo and all the data was still intact. Weird. Exiting out, I checked to see if I could format the card using the built in Treo utility. No need to. The phone now recognizes the card and all of the apps on it. This phone is the most sensitive piece of equipment I have ever used. The relationship I have with my Treo swings between love and hate on a regualr basis. I really just want some consistency.


I haven’t detailed what is going into my new PC, so here’s the rundown. All of the parts listed are either here already or currently in transit. I can’t wait!

It’s going to be a nice system, with a lot of room. I got a DVD burner because my brother and brother-in-law are into that right now, and I want to try to be cool. (Ha.) My bro-in-law said the processor can be overclocked. I am so excited and ready for the rest of the parts to show up at my porch. I’m ready to build!