Handy tip

Prior to leaving for New York, I bought a 128MB SD card for my Treo 600. When it arrived I put it in the phone only to find that it jutted out of the slot about 1/8 (maybe…) an inch. Enough so that when I put the phone in my pocket, I always hit the card which would bounce up and dislodge itself. This caused problems for me. Right before leaving for NY I loaded the card with games, apps, and ebooks to read. I was ready to rock. On my first flight, I grabbed the Treo to play Bike or Die, my recent gaming addiction. After the phone turned on and I accessed the main menu to play, I moved my hand over the top and the card popped out. I pushed it back in which caused a reboot. I feared the worse. Everything on the card had been erased. Consider me pissed. Since then, I haven’t been using the card because I’d hate for that to happen again. The other day, when I was at my sister’s house, I saw my brother-in-law’s Dremel tool on the counter. I grabbed it and took it to the top of my SD card, shaving it down to be flush with the Treo. (It was so much fun… I want a Dremel so badly now.) The card hasn’t accidently popped out since. So, I think I am gonna load it up again and see how it goes. Consider me handy!


For the rest of the day and most of tomorrow I will be at my sister’s house watching her children while she and her husband take a drive to Kansas City for a social event. My time will be spent with their daughter who cries a lot, their autistic son, the great dane in the house, and my own child. Today is Sunday, which means I am going to miss Carnivale on my brand spankin new TV. Oh yeah, and I just remembered that I forgot to tape last week’s episode for my girlfriend. Eeek…


Guess who got a new TV today!? Big daddy (that’s me) did. I got a 27″ DynaFlat (oooooh) TV made by Samsung. The picture is extremely sharp and beats everything I’ve had prior to it. I am not much of a TV watcher. I usually only watch about 4 hours of TV a week, so it never really mattered to me if I had a big TV or not, but I got such an amazing deal from my brother who had only used it for a week. Before this TV arrived today I was running everything (DVD, VCR, Cable box, Gamecube) through a weird series of cables and AV inputs to the single coax of a 19″ TV that had a small green spot in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Yeah, I know. Sexy. So, I now have this gargantuan beast of a TV in my room, that has magical inputs, a crystal clear picture, and options galore. Who knew you could set a TV’s color scheme to “cool light,” “cool dark,” “warm light,” or “warm dark?” Anyway, I have a date with Season 1 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force this evening. When the TV’s on, you must obey.

To do list

I finally found an hour or two to accomplish some site-related stuff that I have been meaning to do. It’s a short list, but will add some weird funness to the site, I think. Firstly, I need to upgrade the site to WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn.” Then I want to implement the Gravatar plug-in for WP. If you have no idea what Gravatar is, you should go check it out, and sign up. It’s free, and will allow you to have a gravatar (globally recognized avatar) if/when you post a comment. Pretty slick, I think. Then, I want to change the smilies to something a little more square. Why square? Why not…

Catch ya on the flip…

Update: The site has been updated to WordPress 1.5, and the Gravatar plug-in has been implemented. It’s so easy and fast to get a gravatar. And it’ll make you cool. You wanna be cool don’t you? Everyone’s doing it.

I opted to not go for square smilies, but did go for blue. 😉

Also, I got rid of the ul discs, via CSS, that were next to the monthly archives by setting the list-style: none property. That had been nagging me for so long and I’m glad I finally remembered to do it tonight.


Rumor has it that Nintendo has a newly-acquired license of the Palm OS, and they also have a new trademark, The V-Pocket, which is rumored to be a derivative of the DS. If Nintendo releases a personal organizer/gaming machine I am going to be all over it. I play a lot of games on my Treo, but find control to be severely limited. I think I just enjoy the mobility. So, a Palm OS powered DS would be just the gadget for me. We’ll have to wait for E3 to get answers. If any of this is true, my gadget life is going to take a huge turn.

Ice Shanties!

My trip was amazing. I went to visit Katie at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. What a blast! I went to parties, and got some birthday gifts including A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, a John Mayer poster, More Letters from a Nut by Ted L. Nancy, and a Pintsize shirt from the webcomic Questionable Content. Oh, and a cookie. A heart shaped cream cheese cookie. Katie and I had such a good time together. She comes to visit in late February as her brother is touring in Mama Mia, and the production is coming to the Fox Theatre. That is going to be amazing. On to the trip…

Saratoga Lake Frozen Over

Above is a picture of Saratoga Lake. The lake, right out of town, was frozen solid! There were people riding four wheelers on the lake, driving their cars, and ice fishing. Some of the lakeside house owners got their snowblowers out and had cleared large sections of snow off the ice, creating personal ice rinks. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Katie and I decided that we’d stop and venture out on to the lake to catch a few more shots of the action. We wandered over to an ice fishing hole that had a trap in it. We grabbed shots of Katie pretending to fish. Looking over I noticed I was very close to, what I would later call, an ice shanty. It’s an ice fishing house. Pictured below is some gentleman’s shanty, and his ATV. The item leaning against the shanty, with a red handle, is what the ice fisherman use to drill down through the lake creating about a 12in radius hole through which they fish.

Ice Shanty

I feel as though this may be part I in a series of blog posts surrounding my trip. There’s so much to tell, and so much to recollect.