Almost To The Water yet?

Bitch, of the former(?) band Bitch and Animal, now has an option on her website to pre-order her to be released album Almost To The Water. I have been writing people at her org periodically to get some sort of release date, but they never had a definitive one. I’m tempted to pre-order, which gets the album signed, but her site doesn’t list a date. So, I wrote them again, and hope to get an answer.

More Treo stuff

I recently purchased a 128MB SD card from for my Treo. It arrived today via extremely fast shipping. The phone is nowhere near full with apps or games, but I enjoy the idea that I can have just about anything now. The Kingmax card does have its own set of issues. The card sits above the phone, begging to catch on my jeans and be pulled right of its slot. I’ve read that some people have filed these cards down to be even with the Treo, but I’m not seeing a need for that just yet.

What I did need was an app that allowed me to move apps from the phone’s internal memory to the new card. I also needed an app that would not only let me view the contents, but also launch apps directly from the card. I found a program that does all of that and it’s free. It’s called LinkStart 1.8 This app gives links directly from the Treo’s menu to apps/games that reside on the card. While I’d prefer to have an uncluttered menu, this will do for now.

Off to play and fill up 128MB of space.

No Birch for Aeonn

So, my plans to use Birch have fallen through. I am on to new software. Hopefully, by this evening, I will have a photoblog installed. I’m looking into FolderBlog now. It looks pretty easy to install and use. My host had no luck with getting the permissions right for the previosu script. That really sucks, as I was fond of the software. Oh well, on to other things. Boooo.


I currently have photoblog software installed on the server, but due to some permission issues I cannot access the admin area. Boo. I have decided to use Birch software (view it in action here), due to its simplistic style and ease of use. I really hope my host can figure these issues out, as I am super excited to begin.

I am taking an Advanced HTML course right now, and we have to keep blogs in a designated space on Geocities. Instead of being a random babbler, I am going to choose a theme, and a topic. My topic? Bonsai. I am going to purchase a bonsai tree and nurture it over the semester. Hopefully, I can come up with interesting content. My layout is going to be awesome. I already have that mapped out in my head. Green sides and footer, bonsai tree header image, with some “teriyaki” font at the upper left hand side. It should be interesting!


Since the move to the new server, WHM is reading data amounts and bandwith correctly. This was not the issue on the previous server. The old server stated that all my accounts had unlimited everything. I do host a few people, non-profitly, and it always appeared that they were not using any of their disk space. This is not the case on the new server. I can view exactly how much disk space each of my domains is using, (most of them way far less than I ever thought), as well as subdomains. Fun stuff. WHM is an amazing account management tool. I also found out that the server I am on now is comparable to the previous one, with Dual Xeon processors, and 2 Gigs of RAM. There shouldn’t be a decrease in speed at all.

I have Java this evening, and that officially marks the end of the first week of school. The first week was interesting, to say the least. Little Mary got Scholastic book order forms from school. I remember when I used to get those when I was little. My dad would let me get one or two things.

I’m ahead on homework for the week. Hopefully I can set up my photoblog this weekend.

Gossip wheel, turn…

Have you ever gotten a bit of gossip regarding an old classmate that made you scratch your head and think weird things all day? That totally happened to me this afternoon. I had a random reunion with an old classmate that gave me a tidbit of info regarding another ex-classmate. While it was a bit odd, I wonder if the info I gave up was even weirder. I’m the next rotation on the gossip wheel. Damnit…


Apparently I moved servers. No one notified me prior to the move. The whole thing took 24 hours, exactly. While I’m peaved, I am glad that my sites are back up and running. Much to post, but i am off to school to learn math, UNIX, and get fit. Baaaaahhhh…..

My ‘04 Music Wrap-Up

I have been thinking about this post for far too long, and putting it off forever.

These are my top five favorite albums, either released or discovered, in 2004:

Final StrawSnow Patrol – Final Straw: If you haven’t heard this album, drop what you’re doing right now and downlo…err, run to the store and pick it up. If you can’t do that, hear a bit of it at their media site. My favorite track is Chocolate.

Hot FussThe Killers – Hot Fuss: You may have heard a bunch of their stuff played out on the radio. If this is a deterrent, ignore it. Is it rock with a heavy pop influence, or pop with a heavy rock influence? You decide, and then let me know.

Scissor SistersScissor Sisters – Self Titled: The best pop music, by far. Elton John meets the BeeGees and they go out back and drop a hit of acid. Coming back around the corner, in their place, the Scissor Sisters.

ODamien Rice – O: This album was released in 2003, but discovered by me in 2004. When you gotta get your sad bastard on, this is guy to do it with. Damien Rice is amazing lyrically and instrumentally. Accompanying him on almost every track is a woman by the name of Lisa Hannigan. Her voice begins where Damien Rice’s ends. They are quite the duo, and this is quite the album.

Any Given ThursdayJohn Mayer – Any Given Thursday: It’s hard to believe I only started listening to this album in 2004. About a year ago, in fact. John’s a smooth smooth bastard, and if you’re gonna check him out, I’d recommend this live album first. Once you hear him live, you’ll realize that he’s not some washed up adult contemporary yuppie.

For my Treo

It’s been a while since I have updated software for my Treo. I have been using the To Do List tool a lot lately, both as an organizer and a catch all location for items notable. I have found the app overrun with weird website addresses that I need to check out, or artist names, movies, and book titles. So, I went on the hunt to find myself another tool for this purpose. The Treo does have a “memo pad” feature, but I use that more for extended memos like directions, or my class schedule. I found this kickass site called PalmAddicts, where they post Palm news and review software, among other things. I think I may have found the perfect tool to record random notes. It’s called Jotter! The cool thing about this app is that it has an option to dump the current note to the memo board, which could come in handy. I also found an updater for my Calendar and To Do list called A5. I think I’ll give it a spin. And, I figured I’d grab myself a new game, a clone of Connect Four.

The end of an…err..era.

12pm today ended my 3 week run with my girlfriend. She is currently en-route to Cape May, NJ. There she will stay a week before heading back to school. While it is terribly sad to see her go, I am happy that in three weeks I will be visiting her in NY. I leave on my birthday, February 3rd. I’ll be 25.

We did manage to get her a new phone while she was here. I went to a VZW store down the street from my house, and tried to pick up an LG vx7000. The customer service rep told me that they were out of them, as was every other store in the Metro St. Louis area. I left, went home, called a few places, and found a store that had one vx7000 in stock. I asked him to hold it, and was there within an hour picking it up. After a while of being pushed around by Verizon, we got the phone on her account. I think she’s pretty happy with it. We donated her old phone to Verizon’s HopeLine phone recycling program. It was our good deed for the day.

School starts for Little Mary and I on Tuesday. I’m pretty nervous.

Guess who’s about to become a bigger nerd? Me… I’m starting a photoblog.


Meme for a 2004 wrap-up, found at “It’s a year in review by copying the first sentence from the first post of each month of 2004.”

January: 2004, eh?
February: I watched a little of “The Big Game” but missed the halftime show.
March: My brother in-law is launching a magazine, more of a video game pricing guide, called Video Game Collector and I have been asked to write some game reviews.
April: In about three hours I will be on I-64, headed out to Scottsville, VA.
May: Recently I picked up one of Andrew Bird’s older albums called Oh! The Grandeur.
June: I went to Lily’s on Sunday night because a dear friend of mine, Jeff, was in town.
July: I am really sick of my writing class because every time I turn in a paper, my professor assigns another.
August: Seeing the word Criminal makes me wanna sing that Fiona Apple song.
September: Today is a crappy day.
October: Let’s see… what makes me happy?
November: Today, after voting, I had my wisdom tooth removed.
December: Creating a cell phone for every niche.


I am due for my New Every Two with Verizon in five days. I am not in need of a new phone, but my girlfriend is. Her 4400B is funking out due to being repeatedly dropped. The battery is loose, it’s terribly scratched, and it reboots at odd intervals. I want to use my NET to get her a new phone, as she is not due for her NET until October. Then, she can get a new phone, and I can possibly snatch back the one I get for her. We went to a Verizon store, meandered around, played with some models, and priced a few handsets. Katie really likes the LG vx7000. I am a huge fan of LG’s, considering that was all I had owned until I got the Treo 600 (aka the beast) this past October. I love my Treo. Love my Treo. Since I don’t really need a new phone, I think I can pass on this round and give it to her.

The 7000 seems to be a solid phone.

Pros: The LG GUI will be familiar.
It has a camera.
Loud-ass ringtones (the 4400 totally sucked in this area)
Dual display
Shoots video

Cons: My only gripe is that the phone is so so huge (maybe that will decrease droppage rate 😉 ).

A little bird says, though, that the LG vx8000 is slated for release later this month. A news post over at Verizon Wireless states it will hit on Feb 1. The 8000 is going to be the bad boy of phones, sporting a 1.3 megapixel camera, dual color display, and a whole bunch of other goodies.

The LG VX8000 will be available for $199.99 after $70.00 mail-in rebate with a two-year customer agreement at more than 1,200 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores nationwide, Circuit City stores, participating RadioShack locations or on the Web at beginning on February 1, 2005.

With my New Every Two, after the rebate, the phone is going to cost a mere $99.99.

I wonder if, with the release of the 8000, the other phone prices will drop. We may wait until 2/1 to shop for a new phone.

With all that said, does anyone have any other recommendations?