I have signed up over at AudioScrobbler, so as to broaden my musical horizons; although, I think they’re rather broad right now. So, you can see what I am listening to or have been or whatever. I intend on adding a link to my sidebar sometime over the weekend.

Christmas wrap-up: Christmas went well. I made out like a bandit, between the cash and gift cards. My lovely girlfriend got me a new Fossil watch, a heart shaped shell, a “cottage” keyring, as well as a John Mayer hoodie. My level of fandom has been taken to the next level.

That’s a quickie update for now. The girl is in town. New Year’s Eve is tomorrow! O_

Merry Christmas!

I posted this comic last year, but I luurve it so much that I had to again!

I’m not sure I will be around much over the next week, so I want to wish all of you peace and joy. Also, have a rather happy new year as well. Catch ya in ’05!

I try and try and try…

…and it’s just not worth it anymore. Due to this amazing worm that spreads through Google searches, is no more. The virus directly affects systems running phpBB (the forum software used at, and will rewrite every file in the entire domain with 270 bytes of code stating, “This Site Has Been Defaced!!! NeverEverNoSanity.” I am far from being the only one. The very very sad thing is that this worm could be stopped if Google stopped responding to the queries the viruses uses. Alas, F-Secure reports that no one at Google can be reached. Maybe they’re too busying trying to sell their shares at $165.00 a pop. Boo.

The community had it rough from the start. Everytime I turned around the site was being hacked, defaced, or threatened with legal action. I had a pretty strong following, and a rather loyal communtiy base. I rarely visited there anymore, but still hosted and maintained the site. The domain is good until August, so I will throw an index page up there apologizing. I have neither the patience nor the time to rebuild that site again. Sorry, Avengers.

Selphie, it’s all yours if you want it!

Christmas yet?

I grabbed myself a copy of The Sims 2 the other day. I thought I’d be playing like an addict, but I’ve not really had the time. With school being finished, I am working a lot more. All I want to do when I get home is sleep. Last night, I got home from work around 11, grabbed my iPod, synced up some tunes, and passed out with my earbuds in my ears. I live a very lavish and exciting life.

Christmas is in four days. Ho ho ho.

It’s the end…

…of the semester as we know it! I had my last class last night which finished my semester. I knew that once I gave my presentation I was entirely done, and so I went second to get it over with it. After class, I went to Houlihan’s and had three beers, a French Dip, and a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake to celebrate. This semester has been filled with complete nonsense, and I am so glad it’s over. I have about four weeks until I have to go back to class, and my girl will be in town for three of them, I think. She arrives on the 26th of December.

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Blockbuster drops late fees.

This is awesome! As of January 1, 2005

[Blockbuster]… will still have due dates for their rental products — one week for games and two days or one week for movies, depending on whether it’s a new release….Customers will be given a one-week grace period after that to return the product. After that grace period ends, the chain will automatically sell them the product, less the rental fee. If the customers don’t want to purchase the movie or game, they can return the product within 30 days for a credit, less a restocking fee.

WordPress 1.3-Alpha-5

I upgraded my daughter’s site yesterday so that I could check out the new features to be released in WordPress 1.3. Downloading an Alpha-5 release from WP’s nightly build page, I wrote over some files and ran the upgrade script. Everything came through fine, with a small amount of editing to the index page. Today, I decided to upgrade my site as well. Following the same steps, I was able to get the Alpha-5 release running on my blog without breaking anything. The only thing I really have to fix is the comments area. During the upgrade, it was imperative that I wrote over the wp-comments.php file, which I had heavily styled a few months ago. Now I’m back to the boring original comment layout that ships with WP. That teaches me. This time around, I will be writing my own CSS for the comments area so that I don’t have to do this over and over (with my back-up hard copy as a cheat sheet). While I have no time this afternoon to take part in file writing, I may get around to it this evening.


So I have been a member of Friendster for about a year now, but never had any friends. I became part of Friendster for my own research really and never gave myself any “friends,” which I was entirely okay with. I wanted to check out what it was all about and why it was so addictive. Then, I completely forgot about it all. Recently, I got a random Friendster spam in my mail box, and so I logged in to see what was going on. I checked out my profile, which was rather barren, and decided to fix myself up. I uploaded some pics, updated my profile, and ventured out to make “friends.” I sent my girlfriend a message and asked her if I could be one of her many friends. She accepted! Now, since I have a friend, Friendster offers me so many more options than when I was a rogue (in the elephant sense, as opposed to the mischievous definition). I can meet more people now, and it invites me to check out other peoples’ profiles. A Friendster addiction could be hard to battle, so I doubt I will be spending much time there. But, I am sending out invites to my “real life” friends to join Friendster as they may enjoy it and find it fun (and so I am not “The Lame Ass On Friendster With Only One Friend™”).