Kitten’s Spaminator

The comment spammers are at it again. This time I decided to install Kitten’s Spaminator, a 10kb plug-in that will prevent a lot of spam and let all the good comments through. Eventually, when I upgrade to WP 1.3, I think my problems will be fewer and far between. I’ve not been running any scripts to stop spam; I’ve only been using the WP internal spam words list. The problem with this is that I have to manually go in and delete each and every comment that is in the moderation queue that is spam. That is so tedious and frustrating. I’m hoping the Spaminator works out for me.

Digicam goodness

Today I went out early and picked up a gift for myself. I have been wanting a new digital camera that was better than the 1.3 megapixel Fujifilm (that only holds 8 pictures) that we have. So I got my hands on a 4.0 megapixel Kodak EasyShare cx7430 that has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, for a total of 12x zoom. It also records video for an “unlimited” amount of time. I guess I can record until my memory card fills up. In addition to the camera, I picked up a 512MB memory card which will store hundreds of pictures (much more than 8 ). As I was checking out, the cashier told me to hold on a second and came back with an mp3 player that I was later told I got free with the camera. It’s a 256MB SanDisk MX1. While I have no use for it personally, since I have an iPod, I may find a way to give it as a Christmas gift.

Treo 600 mic

I have a small gripe with the Treo 600 that I acquired, finally. Does anyone have any idea why they (aah, they mysterious they) would put the phone’s microphone on the back of the unit? And have you seen how tiny the microphone is? It’s the weirdest thing. I am constantly told, “I can’t hear you.” Then I switch to speakerphone mode and am told they can hear me crystal clear. Maybe I should invest in a headset for it.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Samus from Metroid PrimeIn an amazing trade deal at my local game store, Slackers, I nabbed a copy of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes last night. I ran home, popped it in my GameCube, and giggled with glee when Samus flung herself out of her ship in a forward spin. I played for a while, re-acquainted myself with the controls, and I plan on coming home tonight and geeking out for a few hours.

The Dentist Part II

Today I had the suture removed from my mouth. The dentist that freaks me out looked in mouth, said I was good, and told his dental assistant to remove the stitch. After several attempts, all of them failed, she called over another one of the assistants. The one she called was the one present for my extraction. She came over and laughed because she knew I was a huge baby. She looked at me with my terrified face, looked to the other assistant and said, “Isn’t she (me) adorable?” Do grown women normally call other grown women adorable? I ate it up. So, she grabbed instruments, told me to open wide, and proceeded to poke and prod in my mouth as I clenched my fist and tried to shove my head through the headrest. After several, “calm down sweetheart”s, she finally got the thing out. I tried getting out of the chair to leave before it was raised, but was told to hold on a second. Then she told me I was free to go, and as I bound out of the place she said, “You’re so cute.” So, the frightening experience was balanced out by flattering comments. I still hate the dentist. 😉

Firefox 1.0

Mozilla’s fast and easy to use browser, Firefox, went 1.0 today. See what’s new, and make the switch if you’re still using IE, or update if you’re already in the know. I was using a .7 version of Mozilla’s Firebird because everytime I updated I was getting image display problems. Today I updated to 1.0 without a problem. I installed plugins, and now am going to grab a few extensions I can’t live without. Firefox will grow on you, I swear.

I’m a bit chatty this morning.

There’s nothing in the world like eating rice in broth while watching our country head downhill. Mmm, breakfast. I’d like to thank P. Diddy for not doing jack shit regarding the 18-24 year old voter turn out except get more PR for his own ass. The same amount that voted in 2000 voted this year, a dastardly 17%. The Vote or Die campaign really seemed to hit home. Ppffftttt. I hope they all get drafted into this blood for oil war.

The Dentist

Today, after voting, I had my wisdom tooth removed. I was a complete and total baby getting the x-ray, and was entirely freaking out during both shots. The removal of the tooth was the most disgusting. I could hear pieces of my tooth cracking and chipping. At one point, I felt a piece crack off and land between my tongue and gum. The nice dental assistant sucked it out immediately upon noticing. All in all, it was a crappy experience, and one I hope to never go through again.