Spring ‘05

Yesterday I registered for my Spring ’05 classes. I think I’m going to have a much better semester than the one I am currently stuck in. Also, since my child will have reached the age of 2 by January, I enrolled her in the amazing Early Childhood Education Center on campus. They only take 16 kids into the program, and registration started yesterday. Mary got in at number 4. Now I can go to classes during the day, freeing up my nights for other things like work or play. I’m looking forward to it. Anyway, my classes in the spring:

Advanced Web Development
Introduction to Java
Internet Fundamentals
Fitness Center I
and another lame ass math class.

Finally, comment spam

Some idiot keeps commenting on old entries of my blog, leaving links to an online cAs[i]no. While one or two a day would be manageable, this dude (or lady, for that matter) is leaving upwards of 30 or so a day. Today, I finally decided to implement some kind of system to see whether I could stop this madness. I added a few key phrases, the person’s email address, the URL they’re linking to, and his/her main IP to my Comment Spam Words list.

I’m hoping he/she gets bored really soon and will take a hike. If not, I’ll have to do something a little more drastic like *gasp* set up a blacklist. This is the first time, since switching to WordPress, that I’ve had a comment spam problem.

To the dude/lady who is spamming my blog,

Knock it off, you freak.



I’ve got a lot to post about, but am unsure I will get around to it this evening. I noticed on the Verizon Wireless website, when viewing my account info, that I am now able to get real time stats on how many text messages I have sent and received. A friend notified me tonight that by pressing # DATA (#3282) on your handset, you can get a text message from Verizon stating the same. A text messaging addict, like myself, may find this extremely handy. Today, I switched from a 1,000/$10 text messaging package to a 1500 text plus mobile web/$15 package. Not only does this give me a buffer on text messages, it also allows me to browse the web from my newly acquired Treo 600. That was my secret from yesterday, which I’m sure all of you could deduce.

I do intend on doing a major review of the Treo, but not just yet. I am having quite a time adjusting from a 12 key interface to a full QWERTY keyboard (including a spacebar). The Treo is nice and fast, but the interface is not as intuitive as I expected. The Palm OS offers a lot of options, but can interfere with ease of use. I was able to upload some ringers to my server and then browse there using the phone, download said ringers, and save them to the Treo. Midi tones sound entirely different on this handset in comparison to the vx4400B.

Game 7 is tonight for the Cards. Right now, we’re down 2 to 1. If the Astros go onto the World Series, I am not looking forward to all the parallels between the teams and presidential candidates. I’ve been saying it for weeks. There is a conspiracy! Regardless, GO CARDS!

Treo 600 links

Treo 600I’m posting a small amount of links which, in turn, have copious amounts of information regarding the Treo 600. You may be wondering why. Well, you’ll find out soon enough. I’m not telling any of my secrets just yet. 😉

What’s on my Treo 600? – Huge resource of Treo 600 links, including links to software and descriptions. Nice!

FreeWarePalm.com – Exactly as it sounds. This site is full of freeware programs and games for the Palm OS.

StandAloneInc – Stand Alone’s section for Palm OS games and software.

PalmGear.com – More software and games for Palm OS. This site also has a specific section for the Treo 600. Handy…

Jeff Ray’s Treo 600 page – Another knowledgebase for the Treo 600 with links to and screenshots of applications.

EzFTP 3.5.3 – FTP program for the Treo. This could come in handy, on the go, as a direct link between my server and a Treo 600.

Bubblet – My all time favorite game for the Palm. I used to play this like an addict when I had a Palm 310.

Hand/RSS for Palm OS – RSS Reader for Palm OS. I’ll be able to read stuff on the go when I’m bored or between classes.

Version 5 of Pickem – Camera enhancing software for the Treo 600’s camera.


I am taking an English Comp class this semester, and when the class started there were around 28 people in it. We had to write a seven page paper and submit it last Tuesday. On that day of class, only ten people showed up. Last Thursday, there was no class held and this Tuesday only ten people showed up. I am thinking 2/3 of my class dropped the course. 2/3 all within one week. Baffling, no?

Blackberry vs Treo

Anyone know of the advantages to having a Blackberry 7750, as opposed to a Treo 600? The Blackberry, operating on its own OS is a powerhouse. The Treo 600, a rather sexy piece of equipment, operates on Palm OS 5. I’m getting a new phone in January. While I’m still leaning towards the Treo, I just wanted to know if there were any advantages to having a Blackberry.

a little ditty

Katie left yesterday, after spending four amazing days here. I hate taking people to the airport, watching em walk away, and then having to walk back to my car. It’s an extremely sad event.

Ani DiFranco’s third bootleg, Portland 4.7.2004 (although some parts of the site say 4.4.2003), is out. It’s a double disc, and a solo performance. Ggrrrrr…

Also, Superman died.

I’ll be posting sooner than last time. I touched the computer once a day for five minutes over the weekend. I had my mind on other things, is all. 😉

Cloud 9

Let’s see… what makes me happy? Oh right, I got my hair cut today, I just finished a seven page paper, my accounting homework is somewhere under control, and the new Joss Stone album is not as crappy as people have said it is. I’ve left something out. What is it?

Oh, yeah… my girlfriend is going to be here the day after tomorow. I’m beyond excited, although you wouldn’t know it in text. 😛