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Katie’s Coming, Get Shit Done

A week from tomorrow Katie arrives on a big ole jet plane. When your girlfriend’s away, you can be a little more relaxed about how you take care of yourself, or your things, or the appearance of your room. Since no one ever wants to look like a total slob in front of their S.O., they will go crazy mad and do major cleaning in preparation of their coming. In my situation, there’s just one hindrance…

Time, or lack thereof, is going to cause major problems for me the rest of the week, this weekend, and early next week. Tonight I have to come home, after school, and write a 7-page paper on a topic I have not chosen yet. That’s my biggest fear, overall. Once this paper’s written, I finish my accounting homework (for last week, too), work all weekend, get my system charter finished for my System Design class, and complete some math work, I will be on easy street and I can start my Katie’s Coming, Get Shit Done List. The list is not lengthy, but a lot of the activities are time consuming. I wish I could call in a body double to get through the next week, so I could stay in bed and avoid all responsibilities.

Thursday already?

I’ve been slacking in the blogosphere lately. My word, it’s already Thursday? That’s amazing. Katie is coming to visit in exactly two weeks. We’re going to see Bitch (of Bitch and Animal) at Off Broadway. The rest of the weekend we’re going to relax, have dinner, sit on the couch, watch movies, and laugh. I_am_so_excited to see her. Mmm mmm mmm.

I went to the Apple Store the other day and got new ear-buds for my iPod. Even though I have new ones, they still suck. I really need to invest in a decent pair of buds. I think I’m going to hold out for the EX71SL’s that I mentioned previously. When I was in the Apple Store, I noticed they sell the EX71SLs in black. I asked another guy if he knew whether they’d be getting the white model in, but he had no info for me.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jay-Z lately. Like, um, a lot. The Black Album (and it’s multiple remixes, including the Grey Album and Pink Album) has been whirring in my iPod’s hard drive for the past week or so. Last night I finally got Blueprint, and Hard Knock Life Vol. 2, which I had several years ago. I used to think Jay-Z was a playboy, but I’ve upgraded his status to mastermind.

Survivor is on tonight. The season started last week, where the entire group was broken into two tribes: Male and Female. I have class on Thursdays, and so my ritual started last week with me calling after my first class and asking someone to press record on the VCR. I am seeing the value of TiVo more and more.

I’ve been disgustingly busy with school. Yesterday I had a test, tonight I have a test, homework due tomorrow, a quiz on Monday. This semester has been my least favorite to date, due to the fact that all of my classes are boring and filled with busy work. Today, I have to spend the whole day doing homework. Blech…

Apple ear-buds suck

My right ear-bud, when at high volumes, makes a popping noise. This tells me that the speaker is probably blown. I am shopping for new ear-buds now, and all reviews point to a Sony model, specifically the MDR-EX71SL, which comes in white or black. This is perfect, as I want white to match my iPod. I checked out SonyStyle’s website and I find that they are releasing a new generation of this model (the MDR-EX71SL/WK) on or about Oct. 4th. Including shipping, these bad boys are going to run about $60. I was this far from placing an order, but cancelled at the last minute. I’ll probably order them once they’re available; I can’t justify putting $60 bucks out on the net to sit for a few weeks. I’m still considering going to the Mac store and puting up a bitch fest for a new set of ear-buds. It’s amazing that I dropped so much cash on this piece of equipment only to have it funk out on me within a month. Boo hiss meh.

Skate Parks

I am currently critiquing an essay on whether skateboarders are “Half-Criminals” or Urban Athletes. The author details the problems that skaters face in society and his main solution is building skate parks… a lot of them… where skaters live. That’s his solution. My problem is that he didn’t propose a working, detailed solution. He didn’t explain where funding would come from, or whether he, and his skating buddies, would contribute to raising cash for one of these parks. His voice explained that “this is what you have to do, as a city, to treat us fairly.” Do you know how much it costs to build a skate park?

“The cost per square foot of a concrete skate park ranges from $22-$28 depending on site complexities, site amenities, and the style of park that is desired.”

This means that a 24,000 square foot skate park would cost $528,000. And this guy wants a lot of them… where skaters live. The site linked above is a wealth of skate park info. The state of MO has 32 skate parks. 30-fricken-2. We’re not on the high end, but at least we beat some states, like North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee, which has a whopping 0 skate parks. Umm.. yay for Missourah!

Pikmin 2 rant

I don’t want anymore children. I want minions in the form of Pikmin. I have been playing Pikmin 2 like an addict. Today I am spending most of the time building up my army of Pikmin. Right now, I have around 500, between red, blue, yellow, white and purple. In the game setting, I treat these little beings like children. When one of them gets killed, I get terribly sad and cry out, “Oh my God.. my babies.” Then, I get really mad and make the others avenge their brother’s death.

purple pikminThe game is very good with new nuances like a new sidekick, Louie; underground dwellings, no time limit, new obstacles (electricity, poison) and bigger, more fierce enemies. Also, there are two new colors of Pimin, specifically purple and white. The purples are cumbersome beings that are extremely strong and rather heavy. Each one equals ten regular Pikmin. They’re very slow but extremely useful when heavy items have to be carried or when something requires weight to be leveled or pushed down.

white pikminThe newest colors of Pikmin do no have their own producing “onions.” You must throw red, blue, or yellow Pikmin into a flower to produce them. The white and purple beings reside in Olimar and Louie’s ship. The white Pikmin, which I have not experimented with much, are small, fast, and poisonous. You can feed them to enemies, poisoning them, which will shorten the battle. They are also resistant to poison, which is a new obstacle in the game. They have extrememly small bodies and beady red eyes. Out of all the Pikmin colors, I feel less attached to these because I find them ugly. Useful, but ugly as hell.

yellow pikmin battling elecYellow Pikmin are now able to take on electricity. In the original Pikmin they were the “bomb rock” handlers. I have not encountered a “bomb rock,” but wouldn’t be surprised if I did later in the game.

The landscapes are beautiful, and the Gamecube delivers excellent graphics. Lighting, shading, and object shadows are amazing. The game runs on a day clock, with the sun setting signaling the end of the day. You do notice throughout the day the movement of the sun, and the effects this has on lighting within the game. I’ve not seen good, detailed, and crisp graphics like this since Metroid Prime.

This is my intial rant of Pikmin 2. More to come when I am able to pull myself away again.

Shipping Times

How is it that I can order something on Tuesday and it arrive within two days from Buffalo, NY while something I ordered last Friday has yet to arrive from North Carolina? Things like this boggle my mind and frustrate me.

Ani’s most recently released bootleg, Sacramento 10.25.03, is beautimous. The demon inside me still wishes she’d release a “with the band” bootleg. Aah, me. Never thankful.