tuesdays suck

The last installment of the John Mayer As/Is concert series (Philadelphia, PA/Hartford, CT – 8/14-8/15/04) was released today. Again, there are a lot of repeat tracks. A new song, called Hummingbird, is on this album so I shelled out the cash like a 100% pure sucker.

I had dinner/drinks with my coworkers on Sunday night. It seemed like a good idea going into it, but once I got there I decided it was a bad decision all around. While I can’t put my finger on exactly what bothered me, I can say that I’ll never be that casual with my colleagues again. I, of course, left in my normal “this is weird guys” way so I’m sure all of them assumed I was creeped out. Meh…

My iPod and I are getting married. It’s a mutual kind of thing. I, being Aeonn. iPod, being Fluux. Together, we create the super being some of you know so well. I chatted online with a random being last week and mentioned that I had gotten an iPod. He says to me, “It will change your life.” It has yet to leave my side, so I think the guy may be right. My iPod now contains 1300+ music tracks and two audio books, specifically Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Me Talk Pretty One Day, both by David Sedaris. This guy makes me laugh out loud.

So now it’s Tuesday and I have my two least favorite classes today. That’s why Tuesday sucks.


my iPodTo the right, friends and foes, is a picture of my brand spankin’ new 4th Generation 40GB iPod. I figured I’d need something to put in the case I just bought this morning. I am currently uploading all of my music to it so I can go find a blue screen to dance in front of that will turn me totally black, and keep the iPod white. If anyone knows of such a screen, please contact me at the email address provided as I don’t think I’ll be able to hear my phone ring over the snazzy headphones. My dear sweet Katie purchased a digital camera today, also. Aren’t we gals on the up and up?

Pretty Pink, Baby Blue…

JM iPod casesIt’s official, I’m a reject. Today I totally ordered a John Mayer iPod case. I wanted a grey one, but when I viewed the options in the dropdown I could only choose baby blue or black. Remember, these are Limited Edition. There are no pink or grey left. I had an extended conversation with Lori last night about which color to choose. She swore up and down I should get a baby blue one (which, mind you, has pink piping stuff at the corners). So I did.

Crab ass.

I am on edge today and probably should avoid all forms of communication with people. Is it because i started classes yesterday and didn’t enjoy being there? The Comp class I am taking now is held in the exact same room that my summer’s Comp class was in. That’s so lame. I’m not looking forward to being at school, not to doing the work, not to dealing with people that are weirdos. This guy in one of my classes is super buff, with the thickest arms and chest you’ve ever seen on a man. He is also super tan. Why am I talking about him? Because he shaves his arms. All of the hair on his arms is gone. The guy is super buff, super tan, and smoother than a baby’s ass. It’s such an odd combination.

I need a nap. I feel crabby as hell.

As/Is Ohio

A new install of the John Mayer As/Is concert series was released in iTunes today (Cleveland/Cincinnati, OH 8/03-8/04). It’s another $7.99 release and has a lot of repeat tracks. The selling point for me? This release has a version of 3X5, quite possibly my favorite JM song, so I couldn’t pass it up. He does the entire song acoustically. A-mazing. The release also includes Wheel, and Quiet (which was on his first and independent release, Inside Wants Out).

dumb me

Sometimes I get really bored and start reading stuff that I shouldn’t. I should stop doing that.

FridayQ: Culinary

Friday TuesdayQ TOPIC: Culinary.

FQ1: In addition to the dearly departed Julia Child, who is your favorite food personality?

Claire (It’s so odd, because I just hung out with Claire this evening and she was rattling off names like you wouldn’t believe. The only one I could remember was Emeril. Mentioning his name is a cop-out, in my opinion)

FQ2: What meal would you have this culinary genius prepare for you if they asked?

Some chicken.

FQ3: If they refused, and you could eat at any restaurant you wanted as a consolation, which one would you choose?

The Bread Co, and I would get a Roast Beast Sammich.

FQ KITCHEN: Share with us a favorite recipe or cooking tip.

Don’t butter the bread when making grilled cheese. Put butter in the pan, and then swish the bread around to soak it up. Much crispier.

Getting my hands dirty on some CSS

I got down and diry on the site’s CSS tonight and did some major reworking of the comment area. It looked rather jumbled before, but now it looks clean. I’m not finished, yet. Once I get started on a project, I will work, rework, edit, and re-edit until I’m finally satisfied. Now each comment has its own grey box, and the text is a weird grey, too. Also, I added a .commentFooter div so that the author citation is smaller, lighter, and a little less distracting. I also moved the trackback url link to the very bottom of the entry and added a few line breaks for div separation. I think the background color of the comment boxes might change as it looks a little too posh in comparison to the rest of the site’s comic-y theme.

Also, I added a “quick menu” so that it’s easier to get to the main content or, if you wish, link to the previous/next entry.

You have to view a post that has comments to get the full effect. I suggest this one.

Paper Arcade

This is, quite possibly, the coolest thing I have seen in a while and I must share share share it with you. Way Of The Rodent, an arcade site I stumbled on, has posted paper mini arcade machines that you can print out, fold, and display. These are in full color and they’re so fucking cool.

The first release (In cover 37) included:
Pac Man
and Tempest

The second wave (In Cover 40) includes:
Galaga (my absolute favorite old school arcade of all time…)
Dragon’s Lair
Ms Pac Man
and Donkey Kong

Once I fold one of these babies, I will post pics and show you how I did.

How fucking cool is that?

Turn on a fricken light!

Gaping hole in my dashThe stereo in my that used to be in my car provided so much light that I could see everything on the dash. I have a blown fuse and none of the buttons on the console light up properly; so, I can’t see which is which when driving at night. When I had the Kameleon, though, this was not an issue. That stereo lit up the whole car. It was my mini flashlight/light show/music box. My car used to have mad character. Now all it has is a gaping hole.

I won’t even get in to how crappy it is to drive in silence. The whole time I pray for my phone to ring just so I can hear some noise. Even if it is only a midi tone.

Stole my shit

I walked out to my car this morning and was greeted by a gaping hole in my dash. My JVC Kameleon deck was ripped right out of my console. Stolen. To make matters worse, the thieves completely destroyed the dash and removed parts that didn’t need removing. Adding insult to injury, they took about 50 of my CDs (some I’ve had for fucking YEARS) including, but not limited to:

Michael Jackson’s Thriller
John Mayer’s Room for Squares
Ani DiFranco’s So Much Shouting, So Much LaughterReckoning/RevellingEvolve.. Bootleg #1
Outkast’s The Love Below/Speakerboxx
Elton John’s Greatest Hits
Both Mixes the girl burned for me
Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Ryan Adam’s Love Is Hell
a whole bunch of mixes I had made.

Most of the albums stolen I have in iTunes.

To the bastards that stole my shit, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.


Neil had a recent rave regarding a new Thunderbird release and today I finally downloaded it. TB, Mozilla’s open source mail program, is up to version .7.3. The last time I ran it, it was only on version .4. I never liked the way it alerted me that I had mail and I found it highly annoying that there was no option to minimze to the system tray without an external application. These annoyances are still prevalent in the current version of Thunderbird. I’ve been using Incredimail for close to a year now, with the occasional stray to TB or The Bat. I’m a huge supporter of the Mozilla Project; therefore, I’m going to try this version of Thunderbird for a week and see how I like it. I want to convert, but the fact that the alerts are miniscule and that I still have to rely on Thundertray to minimize the app makes me think I won’t be using it for long.