John’s Playlist

John Mayer played a kickass set last night. I was a tad disappointed that I didn’t get to hear 3X5, but the show was awesome, regardless. Here’s his playlist for the evening of 07/28/2004 at UMB Bank Pavillion, St. Louis, MO (for all you Googlers):

Bigger Than My Body
No Such Thing
A Blues Thing
Come Back To Bed
New Deep
Why Georgia
Something’s Missing
My Stupid Mouth
A cover of Eric Clapton’s Old Love
Your Body Is A Wonderland

LA Song. (acoustic)
Great Indoors (acoustic)
Only Heart

Cahokia Mounds Let’s see how they make beer!

I am up and at ’em this morning. Katie, Claire, Little Mary, and I are going to Cahokia Mounds today. I have to get some stuff done before then, though. I need to change the taillight in my car, get some diapers and hemp, and do a little laundry. No time to write here. Must go. Must g……

Oh wow… I just checked the site I referenced above and it says the Mounds are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Katie is gonna be so pissed. Damnit.

Plans have been changed, already! We’re going to tour the Anheuser-Busch brewery, then head to Suson Park to play frisbee. Hippie good time.


None of my permalinks are working anymore. This is so frustrating. I am going to uninstall the RndMsg plug-in and see if that changes anything. I don’t think it will, though. I don’t have time for this shit to start happening. I have to write papers today, not fix my fucking blog.

Also, somebody has been hitting all of the “theme” images on my site and checking out my cascading style sheets. Dude, don’t steal my stuff. That’s so dumb. Don’t be a tool.

Edit: Baaah. This is fixed. My .htaccess file got funked up when I was fooling with it yesterday. As you were…

Treo 600?

Treo 600On the Verizon home page it shows that the Treo 600 is available. I thought VZW was getting the Treo 610. I wonder what happened to those plans. Regardless, the Treo 600, which I’ve been waiting for since September, is going for $450.00. Sheesh. I can’t see myself paying full retail for it since I get $100 towards my next phone due to the New Every Two deal. Also, waiting a while to see about this mysterious 610 sounds like a good idea. I’m not up for a new phone until January, so I will be watching for price drops. I was checking into bumping up my text messages because I’m addicted again and I don’t think 500/month is going to cover me. VZW has 1,000/month for $10, or 1,500/month plus mobile web for $15.00. I don’t see value in having mobile web on a vx4400 which has a mere 491K RAM. It’d be great for the Treo, which sports 24 Megs of RAM, a color browser called Blazer, and a larger screen display.


FridayQ TOPIC: Decorated.

FQ1: How have you decorated the walls of your living space (photos, posters, works of art, etc.)?

There is no decoration on my walls. Katie says that my living space is bland. Baah.

FQ2: How have you decorated your body, both intentionally (piercings, tattoos, etc.) and unintentionally (wounds, scars, etc.)?

Intentionally, I have my tongue pierced and three tattoos. Unintentionally, I have scars on my hands from jumping on to a chain link fence (the points went through my palms); a scar on my right inner thigh from climbing a tree (I slipped and a short limb went through my leg); and, a scar on my forehead that I got from falling on to a coffee table.

Desktop FQ3: How have you decorated your computer’s “desktop”? Post a snapshot if you want.

Right now, my desktop is rather clean; I tend to keep it neat anyway. I am using a Triplets of Belleville background, and a MrsCool (Color 6) visual style in Style XP.

FQ PROJECT: Decorate your blog today! Create some art with an online Etch-a-Sketch (like the one here) and post a snapshot of your efforts (or, if you’re not an Etch-a-Sketch fan, draw us a picture using whatever you want).

Etch a SketchI always sucked at Etch-a-Sketch. I was never able to draw or create anything using two twisty knobs. It looks like things have not changed. All I can make is geometric shapes with repeating lines. Anything I draw by hand is ten times worse. But, if we had a Lego™ contest, you all would bow down to my amazing constructive talent.

Random Quote Generator

I finally messed with some PHP and got a random quote generator working. You can find it in the sidebar on the right, under the header “Stuff.” That will be it’s permanent home, I suppose. I figure it’s the only appropriate place. Right now, there are just a few but they’re interesting. Refresh the page to see more.


My sister and I went to Imo’s yesterday to pick up some pizza. The convo with the order taking dude (who will be referred to as OTD from here on out) went as follows:

(Order taken)

OTD: Can I get your name?
Me: Sure, um… It’s, uh, Frankenstein.
OTD: For real?
Me: (Snickering because he doesn’t believe me) Um, yeah..
OTD: Really?
Nancy: Yeah…

**Order Taking Dude furiously tippity taps into POS machine, pauses, and then looks up.**

Me: Need me to spell it for you?
OTD: Yeah…
Me: F-R-A-N-K-E-N-S-T-E-I-N
OTD: Is that really your last name?
Nancy: What, you wanna see our IDs?
OTD: Yeah, sure…

**I begin reaching into my back pocket to retrieve my wallet knowing full well I am entirely busted. It’s Do Or Die time and there appears to be no out.**

Nancy: Well, actually, it’s pronounced Franken-steen (The Save!)
Me: Yeah, but we say Franken-stine to make it a little more funny.
OTD: Oh, see… that’s what I thought.


The funniest part about the whole conversation was the dude saying that’s what he thought. That’s what he thought?

On numerous occasions I have used Frankenstein as my last name when I know it’s going to be called over a speaker. It’s a small way to ease an, otherwise, boring situation.

Meet Katie’s…… purse.

Katie's PurseAlison’s mother sent me a picture of her daughter doing activities with kids that have cancer. It’s a lovely picture of Alison, but amusing to me was the fact that I noticed my gal’s purse in the pic. Katie mentors Alison, who has cerebral palsy, and goes with her to activities. In the pic is Alison, a couple of kids, and my girl’s purse sitting mysteriously on the table. She was probably in the bathroom text messaging me. Funny.


You know what really sucks the big one? It sucks when you get off work late, have no cash handy, come home, and find that your dinner for the evening is two strawberry Pop Tarts™ and a Diet Coke™. Yeah, that sucks. But, to top that off, I have to write two papers tonight and do other miscellaneous homework. And, to top that even more, I am not seeing my girl tonight. And, to take it to one more more degree of suckiness (can it be done!?), the fact that I skipped class yesterday may jeopardize my chances of seeing John Mayer next week.

To not sound like a completely miserable person, I’d like to let you all know that I grabbed a copy of Ryan Adam’s album Love Is Hell (I’m seriously not depressed) which has a cover of Oasis’s Wonderwall. It’s very very nice.


I have been slacking in the blogosphere, lately. I added a list of links to my sidebar, earlier. These are the sites I am currently reading on a regular basis. Enjoy.

The FridayQ is stupid this week, so I will not be participating. I’ve been über busy, as of late. There’s plenty to talk about but not enough time to throw it down. John Mayer was on Pepsi Smash last night. Lily gave me the key to her house so I could run and watch it after class. I sat, with my tall boy in hand, and waited. The shots of him were from a full show of his. He was performing at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in CO. It looked like a snazzy venue, fer sher. What sucks is that they only played his trendy songs (Clarity, and No Such Thing). I guess I couldn’t expect any different, though.

Last night, after I visited the Hi-Pointe, I went to Del Taco and my 15 year old inner being emerged. Sometimes I wish I could jump out of myself and just sit and watch.

The Missing Toothbrush

Toothbrush headYesterday, my sister and her two children were over. I had to go to class, so I saw them for all of ten or fifteen minutes. I woke this morning, was asked out for lunch, and started my daily grooming routine. I showered and then reached for my Oral-B® CrossAction® Vitalizer™ which I normally keep on the counter atop the tube of toothpaste. This morning it was not there. My child can’t reach there. My sister, a notable thief, would have no interest in my toothbrush (I don’t think), and so that left one person. Connor, my nephew, almost four and autistic must have snatched it. My sister called today and I asked her the whereabouts of my toothbrush. She wanted to know the color. I said, “Green.” She casually stated that he was running around with a toothbrush and that, “he really likes it.

I am curious how he managed to make it out of the house with my Vitalizer™. Did he slip it under his shirt? Is he really that sneaky? No way. I know what happened. He was walking around the house with it. My sister saw and shrugged. He was probably set into his car seat, holding it out like a flag of victory. My sister saw and probably shrugged. When she came by today to get a book she wanted to borrow, she arrived with no toothbrush in hand, and shrugged.

Next week, I have been asked to watch her children at her house. All the toothbrushes will be given to her son. He will chew them, rub them on the floor, and be taught how to clean the toillet using them. I’m dead serious.

I hate brushing my teeth with my finger. So much.

Text Messaging and time wasters

I started a paper on text messaging, or short messaging service (SMS), but didn’t finish. it looks like I will be turning this paper in late (first time this semester). I am so fucking sick of this writing class. I am more than ready to get into the fall semester where I will learn more programming. I am tired of these filler courses that leave me bored and uninspired. So, go read about text messaging etiquette. Also, take a gander at Chat/SMS acronyms and terms. Then, if you have nothing better to do with your time, go play with The Phone, roam the 99 Rooms, or toss The Amazing Dare Dozen (my personal favorite). If you’re the curious type, find out what your phone number spells.