sex, drugs, and rock and roll.. (but not)

I went over to Lily’s house last night and Claire, Katie, Keith and Claire’s friend, Jeff, were there. Jeff, apparently, drives like an old man. That made me laugh.

Soul CaliburLast night, I bought a copy of Soul Calibur at Slackers for $25. Highway robbery, if you ask me. Although, the game is clearly the best fighting game to exist on any console. (All you Tekken kids can hush.) The guy told me it was rare. Baaah. I was desperate. To make matters worse, Claire’s friend, who had never played the game before (I don’t believe him), proceeded to kick my ass using random characters. I think I may have to go over to Lily’s, the current location of my Dreamcast, and rock out. Kilik used to be my boy, but he let me down last night. Die, fucker. Die.

Katie and I did what we usually do in large groups of people. We either a) run off or b) sit close to each other, try to talk quietly, and giggle. Last night we did a little of both. We ran off, then talked amongst ourselves on the couch for a while. We have a tendency to clear a room rather fast when we get going, and it happened a few times last night. We totally geeked out with each other and no one even tried to enter our little Katie-Mary bubble. It was nice.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots album cloverI woke today, ran to work, finally got a hard copy of The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots album, requested a night off next weekend, and made arrangements with my sister for the baby to watched that night. I’ve got big plans in my head for that evening, although nothing I can divulge immediately. It’ll be a smashing good time, for sure.

Little Mary and I joined Abby, Lily, and Claire for lunch at the Bread Co, today. Those girls are the snazziest.

Class this evening, then I’m going out to play. I should stay in and write multiple papers; but I only write papers well when they’re due in five hours. I work best under pressure.

Random John Mayer Quote Generator

I am such a nerd. When I have time, I am going to install a random quote generator for my sidebar. And I’ve decided that I want to use John Mayer quotes that I found on this blog. I had to write a paper all day today (which I ended up writing about gender blending), and haven’t had time to fiddle with any PHP. I may run home after class, and before I go out, run a quick install and add a few quotes in there. John Mayer is a weird little guy and his quotes are even stranger. Like this:

“Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly gives me hope for many other things in life, because if you can make a jelly bean that tastes like popcorn and doesn’t get stuck in your throat, I think we can make wheelchairs a thing of the past. I think we can turn wheelchairs into bar carts.”


Rosie the RiveterI went to PrideFest today, where I met up with Katie, Claire and a few of Claire’s friends. I never intended to go as I usually avoid large homosexual gatherings completely. So, to make a complete mockery of my being there, I decided to wear my Rosie the Riveter tee. This, in my opinion, made me an über lesbian. The parade started and I boosted Little Mary up on my shoulders so she could watch. After I brought up Bud Light several times, Katie dragged me into the park, to the beer truck, and then we found a tree to pop a squat under. The first act on stage, which we could barely see, performed a choreographed dance to a mix of Michael Jackson music that blasted from massive speakers. What I found fascinating, and I’m sure no one else did, was the fact that all three tracks they used (Scream, Stranger in Moscow, and Tabloid Junkie) were from the History album. (I’m a closet MJ fan and could recite any of his albums on command.) I had no idea it was a gay man’s anthem album. Fascinating. Beer was consumed, hot dogs were eaten, jokes were made, and conversation was exchanged. The air had a perfect coolness to it, and the sun cast a mild brightness. It was a perfect day to be gay.

Liar, liar.

FridayQ TOPIC: Liar.

Good Lord, here we go.

FQ1: Lie about where you spent your last vacation.

I spent my last vacation in a cabin in northern Canada. I eventually went stir crazy and killed all of the people that were with me. Untrue story…

FQ2: Tell an untruth about your last romantic encounter.

It was with a man.

FQ3: Fib about the last gift you received.

It was something I could wear.

FQ DARE: This time tell the truth on all the above!

My last vacation was a roadtrip to VA this past April. We roughed it, at a log cabin, and drank beer every night; I didn’t kill anyone while I was there. My last romantic encounter was filled with half-breathed words, earthy scents, and a rather warm passion. My last gift was a box of green tea, which I discussed in the previous entry.

Down with Free Radicals!

I was at Lily’s last night where I was joined by Katie who mentioned she had something in the car for me. We walked out and I was handed a box of Green Tea for my sore sore throat. What a neat-o gift. The box stated on the side that…

Green tea is a natural source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful molecules in the body known as free radicals.

Free radicals, eh? It sounded kind of interesting to have free radicals roaming around me. Ya know, little molecules trying to make a revolutionary change in this institution I call my body. I liked the idea, until I found out the dangers harbored within these little beasts.

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction, like dominoes. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs.

I am drinking green tea right now (I like mine with honey), so as to oxidize (maybe…) the free radicals into not so free radicals. Maybe the little bastards will jump ship and I can get back to being not ill. I think the language on the green tea box should be changed. It should read:

Green tea is a natural source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful molecules in the body known as little bastards.

It has a nice ring to it, I think.

My poor sore throat.

For the past few days, I have been deathly ill. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, except for the occassional cough. But, I smoke so maybe that wouldn’t be a tell tale sign of sickness. My throat is in an unbelievable amount of pain. It’s swollen to twice its size and I can barely talk. Ever notice that when you have a sore throat you swallow twice as much as you would on an “un-sick” day? I feel like walking death.

Text Messaging

I finally added a text messaging package to my Verizon account today. My favorite was the Apple Dapple Killer Package™, where you were given unlimited SMS for $3.99. They’ll never offer that one again. Now, Verizon has a deal where you get 500 a month for $4.99. And the promo goes until 12/31/05. 2005. At that price, it’s a penny a message and, with 500, that means I can send/receive (on average) 17 messages a day. For the past month I have been text messaging like crazy. Verizon wants a dime to send and two cents to receive without a package. I’m a tad scared of my next wireless bill, but I’m glad I checked into it when I did, because the promo ends 6/24.

Saved!, produced by Michael Stipe

In the opening credits of Saved!, which Katie and I saw, it stated that Michael Stipe was the producer. Katie said she thought it was the frontman for R.E.M and I disagreed. So, we made a bet last night for a 6-pack of beer. She says it’s Michael Stipe from R.E.M, and I say it’s not. A quick search delivered results; I was not pleased. The frontman of R.E.M did produce the movie Saved!, and now I owe Katie a 6-pack of Labatt Blue. I have to find some place in St. Louis that sells it, first.


I downloaded a copy of Picasa today so as to organize my pictures a little more. It scanned the entire hard drive and ordered all of my pictures chronologically. It’s a rather slick piece of software and I think I might be so impressed that I’ll keep it. It has a free 15 day trial and then they want $30 from you. But, if you spend 15 seconds typing in a few key keywords on Google then you may get a free copy, by chance. What? I’m not telling you to go out and crack the program. I’m not telling you to go find a serial for it and avoid paying. I’m just letting you all know that Google is an excellent tool in times like these.

Pass the cigars.

My brother’s wife is having her baby today, and everyone has been calling the house to update me. Truth be told, I am not interested that they gave her Pitocin, or that her water has been broken, or that she’s dilated to whatever number. Just call me when the kid gets here. I don’t need updates every ten minutes.

Invitations to GMail

I have five invitations to Gmail that are up for grabs. If you want one, leave a comment with an email addy, or send an email to aeonn @ this domain. They’re giving them out in droves now, so it must be going public very soon. But if you can’t wait, then feel free to ask for an invite.


FridayQ TOPIC: Gadget.

FQ1: What’s your favorite electronic gadget that you own? Which gadget do you wish you owned but don’t?

I love my phone, a vx4400B. I love that I am able to customize it on the fly, and I love the fact that I can get free games for it. I wish I had an iPod. But moreso, I wish I had a Treo 610 (which I will have, if it is available in Jan 2005).

FQ2: What gadget do you wish somebody would invent so you could have one? Which gadget do you wish had never been invented at all?

Both of these questions suck; therefore, I am not responding to them. (Cuz I don’t have any fricken ideas!)

FQ3: Do you consider yourself an electronic gadget junkie? How many gadgets are around/on you right now?

I don’t consider myself a junkie of gadgets, per se. I am a cell phone junkie, though. I check weekly to see what is out, what is slated for release and which network is getting it. As for gadgets around me… I have my cell phone here and a digital camera on the desk.

FQ DARE: Reveal a trendy gadget you bought, but are now embarrassed to own/have owned.

Remember the little Tamagotchi digital pets? Yeah, I had one when I was a little too old for one. But, these are coming back, supposedly, this month. I did an entry about it a while ago.

Versions of me

I based all of the pictures on my current state of dress. I’ve got on my 7Up shirt, dark khaki cargos, and a pair of brown shoes. Super stylin, per usual.

This is the WeeMee Version:

Wee Me

Boobies! Green eyed, and looking so happy. I sure do look friendly in this version of me. (It’s a lie. It’s a scam!)

This is the Lego Version:

Me Leggo-fied

I used to love Legos and I always thought the little people were so cool. The ability to pull them apart at the waist and change their pants was a nice feature. Popping their heads off and putting them on different bodies was cool too. So, there I am… Lego-fied in all my boring glory. Cigarette in hand, smirk on my face. Yep, that’s me.

This is the Super Hero Version:

I made myself a little more aggro for the super hero version and gave myself a rather funky do. And I had to have these pants cuz they’re so my style (except for the French roll taper at the bottoms, but who noticed?) My super powers are still unknown at this point, and so I gave myself some glocks as opposed to lightning bolts or balls of flames. I still kept the green shirt / beige pants as a theme, though.

What a beautiful night…

Last night, my professor was sick and so class was only a half hour long. Lori, whom I had dinner with earlier, told me to call her in the event that I got out early because there was a free concert at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. So, I did and then I called Katie. She agreed to meet us. We got there, made our way into the park, and could hear a very full and rather beautiful voice up on stage. Her name was Erin Bode. We sat on the grass, chitty chatted, giggled like girls, tore some grass up and threw it on each other, and mostly commented on people walking by. “She’s cute.” “Look at the way he lifts his toe when he walks.” Lori wandered off and I found myself lying on my back staring into the night sky. Katie, next to me and on her stomach, was telling stories of ADHD kids, picking at the grass, and intermittently humming a song. At the concert’s end, a huge clap of thunder filled the air and the entire crowd “ooooooh”ed. And so we made our way back to the cars, and then it really started to rain. I woke this morning to find myself half eaten alive by mosquitoes, and I still had grass in my pocket from someone shoving it in there. I had a fabulous time with fabulous girls doing fabulous things on a fabulous night.