Weird Wide Web

Bad news:Something happened on the server which caused PHP to funk out and now doesn’t want to connect to the database. I think I need to finally port everything to individual scripts and rid the site of its PHP-Nuke core.

Good news: I was able to switch Little Mary’s blog over to WordPress today and now there is no more MovableType on our server. Her site looks great!

Other news: I have to work this evening and then come home and do homework for my class early next week and then I am going to start porting My Cubivore figure came today. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was cool regardless.

It’s been an odd, wacky, frustrating and rewarding web day. Kudos to webmasters everywhere who do this as a daily job.

Testing testing 1, 2

Flooded Car on HWY 40I upgraded to WP 1.2 today and this post is a test of the emergency broadcast system. Are you aware that there have been torrential rains in the St. Louis area? Evidently, highway 40 flooded and left people stranded in the middle of the highway watching the cars sink. It’s been downright nasty ’round here. All of you folks on the East are in for it.

Spellbound and Elephant

Harry, from SpellboundI watched two flicks last night and both were entertainingly odd in their own little way. The first film I watched was Spellbound, a documentary following 8 children to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. Some of the kids were a little odd and their parents proved even weirder. One of the children, Harry who is pictured at right, was a socially challenged boy for sure. His inability to make complete sentences, make conversation or even make normal faces will be his downfall for sure. It was rather painful to watch him talk at times and it’s no surprise that his story was about 5 minutes shorter than everyone else’s. This is a very well done documentary and I recommend it to anyone who likes to view parent/child relationships.

The other film I watched was Elephant, I am sad to say.

This film draws its inspiration from the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, where two students went on a murderous rampage, killing 13 students and teachers, before turning the guns on themselves.

The film doesn’t get int that action for the first hour, literally. The flick is only 81 minutes long. The first hour is filled with long drawn out shots following these kids around their school. No interaction, just walking. I found the film highly annoying, the action too little and the drama was shitty. This movie was shitty.


ConnorMy nephew Connor, almost four, has been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. My sister always stated that he spontaneously got the disorder due to an MMR shot he received when he was 15 months old. Wether the shot gives autism in certain children has been an ongoing debate in the autism community. A recent study has shown that there is no way that giving the shot can result in autism. They claim it’s genetics.

Wired has an Autism Spectrum Quotient test which you can take to “determine” wether you have autistic tendencies.

In the first major trial using the test, the average score in the control group was 16.4. Eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher. The test is not a means for making a diagnosis, however, and many who score above 32 and even meet the diagnostic criteria for mild autism or Asperger’s report no difficulty functioning in their everyday lives.

I scored a 29, which I’m not surprised about. I always see odd patterns like noticing a license plate number and dividing the numbers into themselves repeatedly while ignoring the conversation that is going on in the car. I’m not the only one in my family who is a little off, either. My younger sister, Connor’s mother, has an amazing talent with remember numbers. She can rattle off phone, credit card, bank account and social security numbers without thinking about it. My older brother went to special school most of his life due to a learning disorder that affected his brain. All of us are still very very much able to function in our daily lives. Connor cannot.

If you came to a family function you would immediately be able to place him. He’s normally doing one of five things. He’s either shooting at everyone with his fist, jumping up and down repeatedly, lying on the floor crying, kicking and hitting someone or running around in circles. All of these are often accompanied by screaming. He does not speak but for few phrases including, “What the heh”, “Get off me”, and “Stop it.” He doesn’t make eye contact with anyone, but he will spit, bite and hit you if he deems it necessary. This kid is a straight up challenge.

Google is supposed to be opening its Gmail service to the public near the end of the summer. While I’d like to get in there and poke around a bit, entry is by invitation only at this point. If no one you know is in Gmail then you either wait or post your plea at a site called GmailSwap. One woman offered four dozen home baked cookies for an invite while others offered cash and web design. I think I’ll just wait but if someone snatches my name I’m gonna be pretty kinda bummed.


Have you ever needed to enter your email address somewhere, say to download something, but you didn’t want to give the site your real address for fear of future spam? Or maybe you wanted to sign up for a forum and not have to deal with all of the board mail that comes with it? There’s a free service called DodgeIt that may work to your advantage. When a site asks you to enter your email, enter Then you can go to the DodgeIt site, type in the email address you gave the other site and be able to retrieve the mail that was sent to you.

DodgeIt has a flaw which makes me think that I’d have to use a fake address like just to keep myself semi-protected. On the TechTV article, where I found the original link, they used the example of You can go to DodgeIt, enter blah and get a ton of email already. So, if you don’t want anyone to grab anything that could be semi-private then I suggest you use your regular mail.

Update your links

I woke this morning to my site’s main page not loading. But, my WordPress site was running fine. So, I took down the MovableType index and the WordPress is in its place. All I have to do is change my daughter’s blog over to WP and then I can delete all remnants of the MT install.

If you got here via the 404 page then you’ll need to update your bookmark to That will solve that problem.

The main page is looking quite similar to my old site. I hear in IE that the main header image is off by about two pixels. If you’re seeing this, change your browser.

Still moving to WP

I haven’t quite figured out which would be easiest to make the move. Do I edit the values of WP’s CSS or edit the index tags to suit my MT stylesheet. Last night I was editing the values of the wp-layout.css to get my template to line up. You can view my progress if you like. It took close to an hour and a half to get to that point and I still don’t have the damn sidebar lined up. Once I get the sidebar up on the right then it’s easy street from there. Edit the fonts, link colors and a few div placements and then I think I’ll be finished. WP is crazy fast. I don’t think I’ll ever miss rebuilding my site.

Oh yeah, and my new site looks funked in IE. I’m not surprised. If you’re viewing it in IE, please understand that the browser you’re using is shitty and has no support for certain web standards. Try using any of the Mozilla products to remedy this problem.

Moving to WP

Today I finally got all of my entries imported into WordPress. I think I like it. it’s about 75 times faster than MovableType. Thank God for PHP. For the rest of the day I am going to try and figure out how to incorporate my template into WP. Once I figure that out, MT will be no more. I may go back to MT at some point, but for now I am trying my fastest to rid myself of all its greedy evil.

Edit: In order to move to WP it is highly recommended that you install directly to where you want to port. In other words, it would be more hellish to move my site from a subdirectory. Hence I have had to restart. All of this means that the above linkage will not work properly.


I just finished spring semester last week and today my summer classes started. Ack. I did find my books rather cheap using A book that the school sells in their campus store for $75 I found for $26 shipped. The online school bookstore provides ISBN numbers which you can then put into sites like, fetchbook or any online bookstore. If a seller on eBay adds the ISBN into their listing then you can search there. I found another one of the books that I need for the summer, software included, on eBay and started the bid at a $1. It sells in the school book store for close to $80.

Cubivore Part 2

A while ago I mentioned that I was supposed to be reviewing Cubivore for the GameCube. This evening I finished the game. Well, sort of. The object is to become “King of the Cubivores” by mutating over and over. The more mutations, the stronger you are. I believe I achieved 58 mutations throughout the entire game. Apparently this was not enough. The game ended explaining that I was not as mighty as I thought. I was then given the option to save and the game returned to the main menu screen. I chose the option to start another game and loaded my data from my previous save. The game started at the very beginning but with all of my horns, humps, scars and fangs I had acquired still intact. I also still had 58 mutations under my Cubivore belt. Odd. I am thinking I need to have 100 to be “King.” Throughout the game you eat “meat”, other limbs of other Cubivores, and this gives you “color” in a limb. The darker you are the stronger. You have to eat dark “meat” and it helps to concentrate on one color. Once all of your limbs are one color you mutate. I was eating whoever was handy and this can create a stagnate state for the Cubivore. The object is, after all, to mutate. And then, there’s mating. Females prefer males with more mutations and more females will want to mate with you if you have several mutations and dark color limbs. At my last mating, I mated with 12 total females and all of them produced offspring from which I could select. When you mate, you create offspring that have one more limb than your current state. The more limbs you have, the better your chance at attacking and defending. It’s an odd game of evolution and I highly recommend the title for any owner of a Gamecube.

Now that I’ve played the game through and truly understand the objective I can go back and try to focus on one color, getting more mutations under my belt and producing stronger offspring. Fun stuff.

Cubivore_Figures.jpgOn the back page of the game manual there is an advertisement for Cubivore figures which I’d love to get my hands on. I did some searching earlier and found an online toy store called Ningyoushi’s Workshop which actually just opened a retail store in San Francisco called Double Punch that sells these figures. I think I want to order myself some. I shot them an email this evening asking if they had any in stock and whether they could tell me which ones (Which they can’t b/c they come “blind boxed”). To the right is a picture of the figures. The pink, which I want, is called “Piggy.”

Trailing trash

Heh, kind of ironic. With all of the trash talking on MT 3.0 today, I just had to share. I DLed a copy of MovableType 3.0 today to install on one of my test domains and upon unzipping was greeted with this error message:


Musta been some garbage in the tarball.

MovableMoney 3.0

There is a huge uproar in every MovableType users blog today, I tell ya’, based on this. MT has released a pricing scheme for their version 3.0. Fine and dandy. It’s entirely understandable that they want to make cash off their software but their pricing schemes are too high and too limiting. For a personal license which allows you 3 authors and 5 weblogs, they want $100, but if you act NOW you can get it for the still high high price of $69.95. Of course there is still a free version, rather limiting though, that allows you 1 author and 3 weblogs. Right now, I have two weblogs and two authors running off the same install.

The backlash:

Alternatives to MovableType:

Expression Engine

MovableTpye 2.661 is a very stable version and non-limiting which is why I will probably just stick with it. I’d hate to lose my smashing and stylish template because it does not agree with other software. If it comes down to it, I will just install two of the free versions of MT 3.0. I can dig a limit on weblogs but I can’t dig a limit on authors. I can tell you right now, that they won’t get $60 from me and if I have to, I’ll just wait for MovableHacked 3.0.

Various things.

Are you aware that Strong Bad has an album? I think this album can only be good if your a Strong Bad fan. I sorta am, so that makes it sorta good.

LoZ_2005.jpgDear God, have you seen the Legend of Zelda screenshots from the game to be released in 2005? The characters look entirely real. Definitely watch the video if you have time and listen to Link yell as he kicks some bad-guy ass. This is on my “pre-order list.” The last thing on my pre-order list was The Windwaker.

Anyone find any cheap gas around? says the cheapest around me, today, is $1.79 at the Pink Elephant. That’s only five miles up the road. Better hurry and leave before it shoots up to $2.00 or so. For cheap gas in your area, go to