My last entry was number 500. I never thought I’d ever have that much to say. Anyway…

Recently I got a job and now have my eyes set on building a PC for myself. I have been looking for a case at ColorCases and parts at NewEgg but don’t want to leap just yet. I’m not really sure what’s good and what’s not but I know what I want. I want a dual boot system that has two hard drives, a decent Intel processor, a high-end motherboard, at least a Gig of RAM and a CD-RW drive. If anyone can recommend a site with decent reviews of the above or recommend certain brands it’d be much appreciated. Otherwise I’ll have to do some shopping around and time has not been on my side as of late.

No huh?

nococks.gifJust say no to big birds? Ehh.. not quite. Far all the girls that say NO to cocks, here’s a section of DykeTees offering a rather extensive collection of items with the NO Cocks logo. From coffee cups to messenger bags to Ts to hoodies. Get yourself some dyke-ish paraphernalia.

Gender buttons.

I submitted a few more buttons to gtmcknight’s button site. They were gender bending related and can be found at the bottom of the “others” category. Spiffy. One of the buttons I submitted was not accepted probably due to the fact that it had the word “Fuck” in it. It looked like this: fuckgender.gif I can dig that maybe he doesn’t want buttons like that on his site but I thought it was super neat-o and I find this to be my favorite of the buttons I have made. Too bad it wasn’t accepted. Those that were are all along the same gender bending/blending theme: girlboy.gif, boygirl.gif, and andro.gif. Of course, feel free to steal these and use them anywhere.

VZW gets the Treo 610

Gizmodo reports that Verizon Wireless is adding the Treo 610, a successor to the Treo 600, to their phone line-up between now and Fall. The 610 has a 320X320 pixel screen as opposed to the 160X160 the 600 has. The 610 will also be Bluetooth enabled and have more RAM than the 600, which has 16 MB.

Missing music from Kill Bill vol. 1

There were a lot of tracks used in the movie during various scenes that were left off the soundtrack to Kill Bill vol. 1. I found this list, oddly enough, in a review of Kill Bill vol. 1 on Amazon.

The list is semi long so I’ve decided to make this an extended entry.

Of all of them I wanted the song where she first challenges Oren Ishii, called Death Rides a Horse. Well, I ‘found’ it.

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Jake at 8BitJoystick.com posted about a lot of open source programs available for Windows. I have tried close to all of them but a few I have never seen. One of the programs I was particularly interested in was an IM client called GAIM. While looking at the screen shots, I noticed that you could have your conversations tabbed. Very cool. The servers at Sourceforge are slammed for some reason as I am getting .8k downloads. Ack. I’ll have to grab this after work this evening as I am very interested to see its GUI.

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Genghis Khunt

Here’s an alternative quiz that is packed with really odd questions and results that are even more odd. I ended up being a “Random Brutal Sex Master (RBSM)” aka “Genghis Khunt”. Oh, that’s naughty. Here’s one of the questions, just to give you some kind of idea what you’re working with here.

Suppose your boyfriend/girlfriend is horribly burned in a car accident that was totally your fault. They are badly mutilated and fucking *pissed*. Is it time to say goodbye? We’re trying to see how you cope with change.

yes, goodbye

No doubt they’d be fucking pissed. I used to play this game with one of my exes which involved naming scenarios and then deciding whether to stay or go. Similar to this: “You’ve been together for 6 years, recently bought a house together, she has a good job, loves your cats and is really good in bed. But… one day, she’s standing on a ladder changing a light bulb and the bulb shatters. Pieces of glass fly into her eye and she has to have her eye removed. She wears a patch over her eye and now she does a lot of stuff “to the left.” What do you do? Stay or go?”

In both scenarios above, my ass would be walking. Call me Brutal… To read the extended description of my results, turn the page.

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CSI: Dark Motives

Via CNN, I found out that a new CSI game for the PC (the second in the series) was released by Ubisoft. The game’s official page is here. I bought the first game in the series and played it one night, beating it. I may get the second one due to the fact that the first was very interesting to play, finding clues and analyzing them in the lab being the most addictive feature.

8 players, fool!

Sitting over at Keith and Lily’s the other night, the topic of Nintendo was brought up. I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I like every system they released and I find their games to be more challenging and more stimulating than a lot of games that are carried by manufacturers of other systems, namely Sony Playstation (disclaimer: I have never owned a PS and I will admit that Tony Hawk Pro Skater, originally released on the PS, was a kickass game. It was the first game I purchased for my Dreamcast and I used to play that game for hours on end. I’ll kick all your asses in THPS. Don’t fuck with me.) We talked about the Track and Field game where you could use a Power pad to run and jump hurdles. Various other games were discussed like ExciteBike, Hogan’s Alley (one of my all time faves), Skate or Die (embedded sound, but a kickass site that will take you _way_ back) and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

monopoly.jpgBut, the best party game of all time that was released for the NES wasn’t brought up. They don’t know there is a game out there with endless possibilities, the ability for 8 people to play and countless hours of pissed off looks shooting around the room. Monopoly for the NES could be the best game released for the system although I can hear game aficionados everywhere yelling out titles like Metroid, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3. No doubt those are good games, but Monopoly is a definite contender for a few reasons which are: multiplayer capacity (8 players, fool!), replayability and the fact that it’s Monopoly. That fact, alone, makes it a better game. Now, I could go into some weird and intense review but feel that I’d just be wasting my bandwith and your time. You already have some weird preconceived notion about what the best game is for NES and have probably vowed to never read this site again. Whatever. But, if you’re interested, go check out the Monopoly review at Netjak Old School. It’s all encompassing in detail, pros, cons, flaws and features.

Tonight, after work, I am going to Keith and Lily’s armed with my NES and a few staple games like Super Mario Bros, Skate or Die, N.A.R.C and PaperBoy. I’ll also be bringing Monopoly, as a sort of experiment, and I can guarantee that’s the game we’ll end up playing.

Various scripts

I have been doing a lot over at Collegehost.net but I am not even 25% finished. I did install a nice, open source ordering script called PHPCoin which I wrapped in PHP-Nuke so it looks as though it is part of the site. Today I installed a FAQ manager called FAQMasterFlex (love that name) where I am going to write tutorials for cPanel, Fantastico and random various other web related stuff. I’d like to wrap that in PHP-Nuke but am having problems with getting into the admin area. It keeps kicking me. The site is slowly coming together and I hope to have it finished by the end of the month.


squid_pattern.gifI found some very cool repeating patterns at squidfingers that are free to use on your own site. I’ve got too many projects going on right now to consider redesigning another site but I’ll tuck these patterns away for a rainy day. Some of them are quite exquisite.

Print this…

I have been taking this online course where I have to mail my homework to my professor’s home address via US Postal Mail. I think I’ve figured out why he wants us to mail it to him. It’s because he’s a prick. If I could email him my database every week, he’d be able to see that I have created queries and he could run them himself but instead I must print pages upon pages of homework. Last week’s assignment, which I just received back, was 7 pages…errr, 8. I missed printing out a query and I got points taken off for it. I tend to go through the whole exercise and then print out all docs at the end. Print instructions are normally at the end of a step. Step 7 had two print instructions and so I forgot one.

Now, if he would accept my homework via email we’d not have these problems. There’d be less paper waste, less postage purchased and he’d see that I ran the query. I take full responsibility for my error. I’m just mad that I got 8 points taken off is all. I haven’t gotten above a 95 on any assignment I have turned in yet. I hate these bullshit 1 credit classes that have teachers that are anal for no reason.

Don’t stab me, Batman!

Mattel’s Batmobile has been recalled due to the fact that the “toy car poses a potential puncture or laceration hazard to young children.” Could you imagine being stabbed in the thigh with a Batmobile? Friggin Ouch!


Via danah boyd, a meme.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Since my Visual Basic book leaves this desk only to go to class it’s the closest and here’s the fifth sentence on page 23. And I quote:

Because the executable file cannot be modified, the solution’s project files are the chief repositories of the developer’s work.