Ruby, ruby…ruby, ruby.

Trevor_Goodchild, one of ‘mah boys’ from, wrote me asking about some files and mentioned, at the end of his email, that I’d better study my C++. I was just told this the previous night by another one of my boys, Cowboy. So I wrote him back explaining that I had actually pondered going into Java because it’s a cross platform language, it has web interlacing ability and it has a strong place in mobile technology. He wrote back explaining, basically, that Java ‘ain’t where it’s at, unless I go into J2ME/J2EE/J2SE. He’s a ‘head hunter’ that “places senior level staff as well as software and hardware engineers in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas.”

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Drop down menus

In checking my feeds, I came across a link thru on ETC regarding the ability to put javascript drop down menus, for archives or recent articles, on an MT site. The article that is linked can be found here, on Breaking Windows. It’s an old article from July 1, 2003. I think I might try it, if only for a day, and see how I like it.

St. Louis music events

John Mayer is coming to town on July 28th, but he’s playing the UMB Bank Pavilion, aka Riverport, which just sucks because the venue is one big fucking hill and you can’t see shit unless you pay out the ass for a ticket. I think I might have to go anyway and see him play because I luuuurrve him. Ani will be here on May 6th at The Pageant with opener Joe Henry and I’ve yet to decide if I’m going. She’s one of those artists that will skirt around your city for a year or so, hitting small towns 100-200 miles away, and then she’ll finally drop in. I figure I better see her when she’s here because the days of traveling to see her, for me, are long gone. There’s a small problem going to see Ani on the 6th because Prince will be here the night before at the Savvis Center. Prince. Prince. Prince. How many times in my life have I seen Prince in concert? 0. Tickets to his show are pricey but well worth it, I imagine.

Do I do the back to back shows? Probably. I have a feeling Ani will be talking about the Prince show because she luuuurrves him.

Dasani from the tap

I knew this girl once that was a freak about tap water. She refused to drink it straight from a glass and would only use it in cooking or making coffee. She would buy Dasani. I wonder what she would do now if she found out that Dasani is actually just unpurified ‘tap’ water and not mineral or spring water. Hmmmmmm… Switch brands?

Link found via an entry on David Galbraith’s blog.

Keeping online

I received a syllabus for a five week database course I am taking that starts on Thursday. On the page that outlines the projects it gives instructions for how to turn the homework in which includes printing out the info and sending it to my professor’s house via postal mail. I’m not at all hip to that idea. This is an online course which means we have an internet connection. I don’t quite understand the need to waste paper, ink, envelopes and money on postage when I can .zip the stuff, attach it in an email and send it in byte format.

Got my question answered, I suppose:
As strange as it may seem, I actually want you to send me your homework via U.S. Mail for two reasons. First of all, it is very important that you know how to format documents for printing and second of all, databases can transport a virus very easily and are therefore rejected by a lot of email servers. For those reasons, we will use the mail. Sorry.

Photoshop phuxors me

I am entirely fucked when it comes to projects that are image related. Photoshop just laughs at me when I try to do anything besides cropping. I made an attempt to edit the image above but cannot match the orange to save my life. So I got as close as I could and then my font was looking funky. I give up. I guess it will just remain as ‘filler text’ until I figure something out. I don’t know where karysima disappeared to. I have sent two emails her way but have received no response. I also wanted to develop the sidebar a little more and need an image titled “Stuff.” I hate image editing. But.. I think I am going to take a Photoshop class this summer, if possible. I’ve been getting the itch to do so because my lack of Photoshop knowledge cripples any project that I want to start or finish.

Post-partum Alopecia

Six months after having my child, I noticed that I started losing hair at an alarming rate. Everytime I took a shower, hair would come out in my hands when I was washing it. Unreal amounts. It freaked me out and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I would wake up and there would be strands of hair all over my bed. I’d find them all over my clothes and on the desk. It was scary.

Then, back in December, it stopped. Everything was normal. No hair loss since. I’m happy. This evening, in perusing some weird articles about hair, I came across some conditions of hair loss. One of them is called Post-partum
(5 paragraphs down). I think I finally figured out what was going on with my hair and why it was falling out.

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I’ve been ‘sporting’ the same kind of haircut for close to three years now, with little variations between cuts, and I think this week all of that is going to change. I think I am going to go for something super short and a bit aggro. I’m not cue-balling my head but I am walking out of the shop a little on the boy-girl side. I’m excited.

Baltimore’s insane.

John Waters was on Craig Kilborn’s Late Late Show last night and he said, “I love Baltimore. It’s my inspiration. Everyone there thinks they’re normal when, in fact, they’re really insane.”