Jenn’s trouble

Jenn’s pure trouble. I went over to her place last night, arriving with two movies, two cds I burned, a book and a 12 pack of Bud Light. I got home at 4:30. The night was spent listening to rock (Jenn’s a rocker), watching Aeon Flux on mute, fooling with Mozilla, drinking beer and I made two sentences on the fridge using word magnets.

My friendly fish is the devil.

Her spoiled dog always eats the baby.

Aeon Flux

aeon2.jpgI have to get some weird Aeon Flux thoughts out and a few links to my favorite AF sites. God I love that woman.

My favorite Aeon Flux site is called This site has a nice summary of the show, character info and an excellent gallery. Another okay site is the Sad Geezer’s guide which has a little more story info but not as much imagery as the above site. And then there’s Muer’s Aeon Flux page which has great images, character info and some great Aeon Flux quotes. The dialogue of the show was so bizarre.

clone.gif ” That which does not kill us. Makes us stranger.” -Trevor-

“My name is Aeon Flux. I’m here on a mission to assassinate Trevor Goodchild. Is everybody listening? Do you believe me? Am I confessing? -Aeon Flux- (I use this for my signature at

“You think you know what I’m doing. So obviously you don’t.” -Aeon Flux-

“They say cats always land on their feet. But at this point there’s really no floor.” -Trevor-

“Just because I don’t feel like doing something dosn’t mean I’m not capable of doing it.” -Aeon Flux-

“Red light stop. Green light go. Green light stop. Red light go!” -Aeon Flux-

aeonstamp.jpgIf your pockets are overflowing with cash I highly recommend you buy one of the videos (if you can find them) or better yet, get the Herodotus File and read through it.

I have two videos (the first and second) and the Herodotus File and have had them for about 7 years. The H File is out of print and the videos go for outrageous prices now. Since the movie is coming out, these items may go back into print and be more readily attainable. I’d like to get my hands on the third video, a pretty rare one, called Operative Terminus.

Aeon Flux film news.

Trevor Goodchild, my ‘nemesis’ on who is rather heavily into Aeon Flux role play on the site (which is why I love him) submitted a news story to the site. It looks like Charlize Theron has been casted as Aeon in the Aeon Flux film that is supposed to be released this summer.

I’m so ready for the action now, Dangerboy….

This is a semi long read so I am “extending” it.

Thanks Trevor!

If you don’t know anything about the AF story you should do some reading up on it. Aeon Flux is a Monican agent sent out to destroy the supreme leader of Bregna, Trevor Goodchild, and his army, the Breens. Aeon has a rather seriously sexual love hate relationship with Trevor.
Continue reading Aeon Flux film news.

F-ing memes.

Damn memes. This one’s kinda cool, via the Friday Fishwrap. List the first ten random songs that your mp3 (or m4a/m4p, in my case) player spits out:

Boots – Noe Venable
Bamboo – Outkast
Bleed to Lover Her – Fleetwood Mac
Last Dance with Mary Jane – Tom Petty
I Want You – Concrete Blonde
Spare me the Details – The Offspring
Virtue – Ani DiFranco
Love Song For No One – John Mayer
Brain Laiters – Drum & Tuba
Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

This post has taken forever because I actually listened to the damn songs.


I have been talking about John Waters a lot lately, specifically his flick Polyester which was released in 1981. When the film was released in theatres Odorama cards were handed out and, at certain points in the movie, viewers were supposed to scratch and sniff a numbered circle on the card which would smell like the corresponding stench on screen. I have Polyester but no Odorama cards. I am currently bidding on 3 of them on eBay. The auction ends in 8 hours so maybe I can get my hands on them and have a scratch and sniff party or two.

Speaking of eBay, my phone has been bid on and the bid is almost double what I originally listed it for. We’re only on day one. eBay activity is rather exciting.

The Passion

I am going to see The Passion of the Christ (flash site w/ audio) on Sunday with Jenn. This movie looks amazing. If you have interest in the movie or find the idea intriguing in any way, you should read this realistic review and commentary on the flick.

This is simply the most accurate rendering of the crucifixion story placed on film, taking those knowledgeable with the Gospel story and drawing them more intimately to the main character ? Jesus Christ.

OMFG Theatre

My sister sent me an email titled OMFG. OMFG makes me laugh, the combo of words and the little acronym for it. But these will truly make you say OMFG. Both are wmvs, one is 19 seconds and the other is about 5.


File Upload Manager installed

I mentioned that I was trying to get an upload script to work on my server space but was unable to. I contacted my host regarding some folder permissions and she got it installed and it’s running under phpSuexec which helps to close some security gaps in PHP. The script required chmod-ing of 777 but my host does not allow that as it makes the server vulnerable or something. But, it is running. I have to add a few file extensions and PW protect the uploads but you can check it out. I think I might mess with the CSS and get all comicy on it.

My phone’s fo’ sale

I listed my vx4400 on eBay today. I hope I can get some cash for it. There’s no point in me having two phones lying around. If someone does indeed buy it then I can get myself a cable for my new phone and maybe some Ani tickets for May. All of the other vx4400s are going for upwards of $125.00 which is way more than I paid for it. I started it out at $35.00. Someone’s gonna buy that damn phone. I can feel it!


Time has a fascinating article on intersexuals. Well, fascinating if you enjoy reading about gender bending, gender blending and people born with both sets of genitalia.