My Street Cards

The street cards I ordered have finally arrived. I was getting anxious because there have been more instances where I would have given someone a card. The arrived packaged in a nice cardboard box and within that box is a sturdy plastic box and within that the cards. The cards are especially nice and don’t look or feel cheap at all. I’m quite pleased. Check ’em out:


This card is from the Gaping Void collection which features comic art from Hugh MacLeod who posts cards/comics on his blog at He’s very entertaining in that great witty and sarcastic way.


T-Bucket, did you make this movie? This seems to be something of your style. Is that your Geo in the video?

(This is a 14MB wmv file so it will launch wmp.)

This is quite a riot and I grabbed it off anything but ordinary

Note: T-Bucket does not own a Geo nor will he ever. If he were in my presence I imagine he would cut off my head for even having suggested he owned or would ever own one. Love ya, dear..

Another note: All of you Mozilla viewers will have to click the link in IE. Well, I have to otherwise I get a nasty page with a bunch of odd characters.

I feel ya man

It just doesn’t get any better for pizza delivery drivers, especially those that work for Pizza Hut and talk to reporters.

”When an employee gets a call from a reporter, he’s supposed to call our P.R. (public relations) people, and in this case that didn’t happen.”

McWhorter [the driver who was fired] said he hadn’t thought of the policy when relating the events of Jan. 9, when someone put a gun to his head on Johnson Drive and robbed him of $43 and a cellular telephone.

I feel ya’ man. I would not have thought about the policy either.

Michael’s Jesus Juice

R. Kelly can go to the Grammys but he can’t talk to Michael Jackson. The judge said so. Why would Michael care? He’s far too busy dealing with people talking about him bribing children with Jesus Juice. Yeah, I know. That sounds really nasty.

Michael Jackson plied children with Coke cans full of “Jesus juice” (for white wine) and “Jesus blood” (for red) and quaffed enough of the stuff himself to get snockered on an airplane ride.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but when I read stuff like this it throws me for a loop. Why does he think doing this stuff is good PR?

Friday Five

You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?

Toughy. I would call 4 people. I’d call my mom first. Then I’d call my dad and tell him to get ready to go look at cars. Then I’d call Nancy and tell her to get ready to go pick out a car. Then I’d call Lori and bullshit with her.

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

I don’t know if I could tell you a “first” thing. How about the first day? The first day I would buy myself parts to build a PC with dual boot OS, 4 Gigs of RAM and multiple drives for storage. I would mack it out. I would buy myself an iPod because I want one desperately. I would buy myself a car, probably an Acura TL (270hp, 3.2 Liter 24 Valve VTEC engine…) or a Lexus LS (290hp, 4.3 liter 32 valve v8 engine…don’t fuck with me…) I love big body sedans that moooove. I’d probably buy myself a 4 bedroom house, but that would be on day two.

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

First, I’d buy Little Mary the entire Little People collection. Eventually she’d need a room just for Little People. I’d buy my sister Nancy a car, but she wouldn’t get one like I’d get. She’d end up with an SUV so she could tow all of her kids and her Great Dane around.

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

I don’t know if I “give” any away. If someone came to me and told me they needed or wanted something I would have no problem giving it to them, I’m sure. I would give Lori $30,000 flat out. That girl is in need of some serious cash all the time, so sliding her $30,000 to get stabilized would be nice.

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

Yes I do invest but for that I’d hire someone.

Found a fix.

I think I found a fix for the pinging situation. I replaced the word “at” with @ and is accepting pings, but now I feel like a tool with “@” in my site title. In a comment Richard said he was never contacted and I’m thinking I will not get a response either. So for now I am Regressing @ its finest, unless I want to manually ping that site every time I add an entry. Not that it’s a problem but I’d forget 85% of the time.


Goin’ over to Lilly’s house for a few beers. Much excited about this. Very much excited. Lilly is great fun.

All good in the regressing hood

Look how much has changed since I got rid of tits. My QF stuff is current, is taking my pings and I’m a happier girl. I guess I will have to change my site’s title for now. I will see if I can throw a hyphen in the title to throw the filter off. I can’t believe the tits came in and took over like that. Bastids…

I put an underscore in the title so now it’s Regressing at_its finest. We’ll see if that works.

NOPE! Access denied. Damn. There has to be a way around the filter. This is so weird.


I changed the title of my site to “Regressing” in the backend config, rebuilt, posted a test ping and it was received. I just sent an e-mail to Dave Winer so we will see if this resolves this matter. I should not have to change my site title in my backend configuration because’s pinging system’s filters are stupid. Maybe I will get a response and we can get this pinging show on the road.


I figured it out. I manually pinged using a form at and entered my site title, “Regressing at its finest” and my URL. I received an “access denied”. I was thinking, “Oh, they must really not like me.” So, then I Googled the error:

Ping ?http://Rpc.Weblogs.Com/Rpc2? Failed: Ping Error: Access Denied.

This turned up an entry from Richard Evans Lee regarding his inability to ping due to “sexual words” in his blog title. So, I looked carefuly at my title and saw the problem.

Regressing at its finest
Regressing a-t its finest
Regressing a tits finest.

So I returned to the ping form and like Richard, shortened my title. I shortened it to “Regressing.” Weblogs accepted the ping. That’s the problem. It’s tits. Tits get me every time. I also noticed that Richard’s post was made on Christmas which was right around the time weblogs stopped accepting pings from me. I need to e-mail someone at and tell them I am not about tits but am about regressing. Regressing at its finest.


I have been having problems with my pings as of late. is not accepting my pings because it doesn’t like me or something. Actually I keep getting “access denied”, and 500 errors, and timeouts. Queerfilter gets feed updates via and the last “current” entry I have at Queerfilter is from December 27th. So I guess something happened around that time. I am going to figure out these pings. It’s kind of annoying getting those errors. Baah, maintaining multiple sites sucks so I guess it’s good that is dropping off.

I guess we’ll see if this ping works.

Virus, viri, virii,

In my previous entry I had to use the plural form of “virus.” I had to do a check on this because from my Latin days it would have been viri (-us, -i, -o, -um, -o). But, I found three sources that state quite clearly the plural form of virus is “viruses.”