Jefferson County Hoosier

I saw this on a bumper sticker when I was out this evening. Only people from STL will appreciate this.

I’m just a Jefferson County mobile home hoosier trying to make it in a West County world.

I live in Fenton, which used to be hoosier town but is slowly being consumed by the “West County” attitude. I don’t mind but I’m sure the hoosiers do.

XIII for the GameCube

xiii4.gifI always try to play a game before reading any reviews for it. Some reviews can send you into a game with an already biased opinion, almost looking for the flaw. Last night, I popped XIII, a game based on the french comic series of the same name, in to my GameCube for the first time. I am a huge fan of openers with long sequences and music and showing off the baddest of the bad moves. XIII’s can leave a little to be desired but still shows some excellent features of the game like comic book style pop ups and some very gratifying and intense cel shading which is used to make the characters look cartoonish. (The first game to use cel shading was Sega’s critically acclaimed Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast.) Cel shading in XIII causes you to feel like you are in a comic book.

xiii2.jpgCel shading starts off with typical 3D graphic technology, but when all cel-shaded objects (3D models) are drawn onscreen, only a few shades of each color are used, making everything look flatter and more vivid. This is of course different than merely texturing each object with a few shades of each colour, as realtime lighting effects the environment much differently.

XIII throws you into the game without a weapon, hunted by two men. You have no memory of how you got where you are, why they’re after you or who you are. I had to go through the first half of the opening level 6 times before I found a good way to do it without leaving the lifeguard house near death. I grabbed a knife, looked through the door where one of the guys was standing with his back towards me.xiii1.jpg I aimed the knife right at his neck and dropped him. A comic book-like, “Arrgghh” shot on to the screen and then a pop up of comic panels replaying the death appeared in the right hand corner showing the knife sink into his neck. Beautiful!

Control in the game is pretty simple once you figure out what each button does. I, personally, like having a “training” of some sort on the control and what each button’s action is but there is none of that in XIII. I did have to look through the book to find out how to use my inventory. Nintendo manages to make some of the weirdest shaped controllers with odd button placement so control is not as “catch on” as it could be.

Reviews, reviews, reviews. XIII got some varying reviews. Some good, some bad. It received an average of 76% at GameTab, based on 12 reviews. GameSpy gave it 3 out of 5, or fair with this to say:


The single-player experience is enjoyable, if not revolutionary. And hell, maybe the graphical style really does it for you. By all means, give XIII a shot. Just don’t expect the FPS of the year because, sadly, this isn’t it.

This game has so many nuances that even reviewers discount their negatives and counteract their positives.

I haven’t played the game enough to say Yay or Nay. The first level was hell and the second level started out a little hellish as well. These are merely first impressions from me and my way of doing a little more research on the title.

A fish named Dory

I hung out with Jeff last night, went over to James and Billy’s house and watched a little of Finding Nemo. I promised myself I would rent the movie or buy it. Just another thing to add to my list of media that I am supposed to interact with. Ellen Degeneres plays a fish named Dory. She is so great. I have seen her most recent stand up routine which is rather witty and sometimes I watch her show on Oxygen because I like to hear her talk, watch her dance and make her little faces. Ellen is classic.

Spare me the details

now i’m lying in bed, wallowing in sorrow
missing the tomorrow that we could have had
running through my head, over and over
things i never told her now just make me sad
and it drives me insane, sitting with a vision
stuck with that image burned into my brain
and i feel so dumb that i could ever trust her
but someone else fucked her, then she walked away

and i don’t really want to know
so don’t tell me anymore
and i really don’t want to hear
about her feet all up the air

and so, i’m not the one who acted like a ho
why must i be the one who has to know?
i’m not the one who messed up big time
so spare me the details, if you don’t mind

-Spare me the Details, The Offspring

Hey T-Bucket, it gets worse… Good Lord


When I sit at this computer I tend to not really have a purpose. I just kind of decide what I am going to do when I sit down. This evening, my intention was to work on a CSS for my other blog which has been back-burnered due to the holidays. So, I run and check some boards I read daily and then I got sucked into this WAP thing and decided right then that I needed to make a WAP site that I could host in a folder under But first I had to find out how to make a WML formatted page, and then I grabbed a WML editor (which I had to figure out how to switch from German to English.. toughy!), and wanted a WAP simulator to preview the pages. Then I just kind of gave up, ran back to, read a PM, had an idea, blogged it, smoked a cigarette, played a few games on my phone, came back and now I feel the urge to drink. I think I will run out and get a bottle of Crown. Woeful is the girl who drinks herself silly and works on a CSS, only to wake and find herself alone, hung over and a sloppily coded page on her desktop ending with this style:

liquor-family:Crown Royal;
price: 20.00;

License to correspond?

I am the administrator at (some of you may not know that) and people over there are so funny. I get PMs from a few people that ask me questions or say, “Good goin on the site, man” as though a chick could not do this job and certainly would never have interest in the art of ‘phreaking’. And sometimes I respond, other times I do not. It all depends on how I’m questioned, how they wrote it and what they’re asking about. Oddly enough, username comes into play as well. Some people have sexier usernames than others and I tend to respond to people with sexy names or people with “gamer” names, but never l33t h4x0r names. And if I respond, these people will then want to talk my ear off and send me 3 or 4 PMs in a day asking me questions or commenting. Just because I respond does not give you the “go ahead” to now be my next cyber buddy. I remember speaking with my X about it and she said it had something to do with the glamour of talking to a webmaster. Kind of like the Great OZ or something. I can dig that. There are a few webmastas that I wish I could correspond with. I am not a webmasta… I am just some chick behind a PC in Missouri running a weirdo site that has no predictable future and is in no way stable. Funny stuff.

Blogging is different. If you get a comment you want to respond. It’s the “engaging” of people you want. You want conversation and you want to provoke thought and you want them to comment so the cycle continues. Otherwise you are just a re-spouter of the news and what fun is that? If I wanted to respout the news I would be a reporter or something lame like that.

I am not lame and reporting is not for me.

Ping Pong me, mothafucka!

It seems when I add an entry using w.bloggar it doesn’t ping the sites that I have it set to ping and other little weblog places where I have “submitted” myself do not update either, like STLBloggers and QueerFilter (where evidently, I am the ONLY lesbian living in MO [scrolldown]). Ha! Is that possible!? Anyway, it’s kind of a catch 22. I am not getting pings nor are sites showing I am updating when I use the damn prog. But I hate using the MT interface to blog (which I am using right now in hope of a fucking ping). Anyone using w.bloggar and found a workaround? It’s such a feature rich program and I can’t imagine having to stay back here and constantly hand coding my entries, especially when I want to blog on the fly.

A few new titles to add to my collection

I recently spoke of returning a gift I received for Christmas, namely Resident Evil: Code Veronica X for the GameCube. When I did I was going to pick up another game but decided not to. Over the weekend, I saw my brother who stupidly bid on a Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition disk on eBay and won for the price of $50.00. The disk includes 4 classic Zelda games: The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Link, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. They are giving these disks away for free when you purchase a new system. Well, he went out and purchased a system the next day (a platinum one, which is beautiful!) and got another disk. He called me and asked if I wanted to buy one of them.

Him: “Hey.. do you want one of my Legends of Zelda disks?”

Me: “Well, what do you want for it?”

“50.00, what I paid”

“Ha! Are you kidding? You’re an idiot. I’ll give you $25 and that’s my max.

“No, no.. I can’t let it go for that cheap…”

“Good luck trying to sell it, then…”

I saw him later that day and he reminded me that I owed him money for a wireless Wavebird controller. I told him I would give him $40.00 for both the controller and the disk. Sold! What an idiot. The controller was worth $30.00 alone. That evening I drove over to his house to get my game and he slipped me a copy of XIII which he said he has no interest in playing. I was, so I took it with glee. XIII is supposed to be a rather revolutionary game in that the animation is similar to drawings in a comic book. When you hit someone the word “KAPOW” flashes on the screen. You should check out the screen shots as they are very slick. I’ll post a review about it as soon as I play.

I’m a cheating punk!

So, I DLed the “trial” version of FeedDemon last night and it replaced my beta, which would not have expired for three more days. I don’t know what I was thinking. I get “30 uses” before it expires. So, I have had it up and running. And running. It checks for the “use” each time you launch the program. Well if I don’t close it, then I don’t have to launch it. My problem with FeedDemon was that I was launching it close to 10 times a day. At that rate, I would only have it for three days. But now it is in the background just kind of running. I can’t justify the purchase right now, although I got to “step three” of the purchase process twice last night. With the purchase, you get upgrades in the forms of builds but when a major release comes out you have to pay for an upgrade. So, if I were to purchase 1.0, I would get builds up to 1.9 for free. When 2.0 came out I would have to purchase an upgrade. I am going to buy this program. I will buy this program. Buy the program I will.

Piss me off

I am looking for a new ISP as my current host is not cutting it. If anyone has a recommendation, I am open to ideas. I like CH because they are down to earth and would bend over backwards to get anything done. They treat me like I am their only customer and I think that’s good business. But this fucking downtime has to stop. My sites were just down for THREE hours straight and that blows. They have until February 11th to convince me that it is worth staying. For some reason, the server I am on keeps funking out and and I am tired of the bullshit. So in looking for a host, I normally go to the WebHostingTalk forum and is a search/review page and is extremely handy. I don’t feel like making another move but I am sick of waiting for hours to get my fucking sites back up when my damn host claims “24/7/365” support. Bull-fuckin-shit.

On the crack rock

If I had to compare iTunes to a drug, it would be the ever addicting crack rock. I can’t stay out of there and these recurring 99 cent purchases are going to hit me when I get my bank statement. Maybe I should return to being a pirate and sailing in my boat on the seas of piracy. Arrrggghhh matey! Yes yes yes. I can’t get away from being able to spend 99 cents and having instant gratification. In looking through some ads today, I saw that the prices of albums have CONSIDERABLY dropped in stores. I saw Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast for a mere 14.99 at Best Buy (who sell way below cost). It sells for 16.99 on Amazon (not including shipping) and iTunes wants 19.98. This is a double disk and a HOT album. I couldn’t believe how cheaply it was being sold. I guess digital music is causing businesses to fight for customers.

You’re a radical

People mentioned you today and I found it so odd and then I remembered in Hermann where we were trying to score a cab ride back down the hill. We were on the hunt, wheeling and dealing like it was dime bag. And then the train that wouldn’t come. What a horrible time. I don’t think I will ever go to Hermann again. Well, I definitely won’t go without a car. I was thinking about you today. I wondered about your Christmas and then thought about the random text message. And your house and your garden. Hope you are well. My mom thinks you have “radical” ideals. It made me smile. We were debating America’s policies on inspecting cows and I went off on one of my “America’s fucked up” rants and then she mentioned you. And the thought grabbed ahold of me. I realized I can and will look back on some of “our events” and fucking laugh. Funny girl, you are.


But we’re never gonna survive unless…
We get a little crazy.
No we’re never gonna survive unless…
We are a little…

what the fuck!?

So I get this e-mail from a girl that just joined my site stating this:

I bought a cd for my LG 4400 from a seller on e-bay that promised free this and that. He couldn’t answer my question about free GIN games so I searched the net and found your site. It turns out the he copied your “how to” page verbatim and put it on these cd’s he’s selling. Just wanted to let you know. You probably already do – but I don’t think it’s fair of him to copy from your site and make a profit off of it. His ebay selling id is: 9thwondra.

So, I trot over to eBay and find this listing by 9thwondra or whoever. I hope his is making good money off my shit. Motherfucker. Jesus, these freaks never go away and now they’re making profit off my shit. I am tempted to contact eBay but don’t want to incriminate myself. Motherfucker!!!!!

Vibrate higher

Every boy and girl, woman and man
When you feel you’ve done about the best you can
Muthafuck the wagon, come join the band
Vibrate, vibrate higher!

-Andre 3000