My new icons are prettier than yours

firebird_o.jpg The original Mozilla Firebird icon (pictured at left) is a tad ugly and boring. I ventured out to find a replacement and I did. I greatly exceeded my expectations as well. Here are a few gorgeous alternative icons for Firebird, which can be grabbed at the WinCustomize site. Have a gander:


Beautimous, no? I am using the icon on the left. I like the contrasting colors and it looks very sharp in the Quicklaunch bar. And if you swear that it can’t get better, there are also icons for Mozilla Thunderbird which can be grabbed here. Check em out:


So you have them and you want to know how to implement them? Well, you should head here for that info. This will change the icon on your desktop shortcut and your quicklaunch to firebird.exe. For some reason unknown to me, all other HTML and XML are still using the regular firey blob icon. I will have to research how to change that tomorrow.

I can’t get over how great they look.