Kahl?a and a phone…bad mix.

What happened last night? What was so intoxicating that would make me do that? It must have been the Kahlúa. I hate White Russians and there I was drinking them in your car. We were chatting about old times, past relationships, my “problem” and normal crap. Why did you tell me to call her? What would make you say that? And so I did. I called her and we had our normal opening conversation.

Who’s this?
Mary who?
Mary Mary.. Mary Mary
Awe.. what are you doin, baby?

She wants me to come look at her computer. I told her I was in the “no zone”. I am not available, not dating, not seeing anyone. I am self-imposing a dry spell. So, why am I going? Is it because she said she missed me? Is it because she said I gave great head? I’m unsure but I do know I will show up with necessary software in hand, showered and shy. I will tinker for an hour and then we will get to chatting. And then it will be time for me to go. I am so dumb. I am buying my sister lunch in trade for watching the kid. She better make this worth my while.