I’m going to the birds…

The Birds are taking over my computer. Mozilla has been naming all of its little brother and sister programs bird names. A while ago, I was in need of a new browser. Meet Firebird. Firebird suited me to a tee. It has completely changed the way I interact with the internet. So, I was looking for other programs from Mozilla and stumbled upon a great opportunity to try one.

I was going to scrap Incredimail due to this one fucking error message I got every time I tried to get mail. Meet Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a stand alone e-mail client. After importing my contacts, I started adding accounts. I didn’t immediately take to the “account section” and then realized that I had to have the program running in a tab to get alerts?? I looked for a way to send it to the system tray but never found that option. Also, there are individual boxes for each account. I want a catch all. So, I went back to Incredimail and deleted a few accounts I no longer use. This corrected the error message problem. Thank God. I was disappointed Thunderbird didn’t make me happy. It’s still beta so I will try it later when it’s updated.

I needed a calendar to stay organized. Meet Sunbird. Sunbird doesn’t have a permanent page yet, which is crazy! But you can download it from the link in this MozillaZine Forum post. So, without a page you can’t retrieve much information. It’s an extremely basic calendar and yet it has that good Mozilla feel to it. I love it. Add events on the fly, categorize them and set reminders. You can even run multiple calendars in Sunbird. Very handy and definitely worth a download.

I wonder what the next bird will be….