Images and Graphics and Fireworks, Oh My!

I added XJ-9 to my logo above. Doesn’t she look cute? I think I might leave her up there for a while. She in no way symbolizes regression, but she makes me happy. So I added her using Fireworks MX. I took the template, then added her as a layer and then text. So there are three layers. Make sense? It makes sense when I explain it like that. I have all of this web design, image editing, image creating, flash creating, animation creation software and I have no idea how to use it. Absolutely none. I just figured out how to delete all of the green crap surrounding her (which I was wondering for the longest time how to do), make her transparent and set her on top of another layer. The image in the logo started out as the image from yesterday. Yeah, I know.. not all that impressive. But to me, it’s like magic! I have great ideas but I don’t know how to use the software. I should take a graphics class. Maybe I will look into taking one in the spring. I am ready to go back to school and learn all of the magical things I can do with images and software and crap.