cPanels, domains and mass confusion

I registered for Lori today and now I await propagation. I am thinking since I am going to get into reselling that I should probably start getting used to it and upgrade to a reseller package to see how all of these domains get managed. I have 4, now:,, and I only have one cPanel for all of them which sucks. The tree is set up so that is the primary and all of my “non-primary” sites show up as sub-folders and sub-domains. Although externally, when you visit one of the sub-folders it appears you are on a site unto itself. Confused, yet?

Take for example. It appears to be a separate site, correct? Well, this site can be accessed two other ways. You can get here via which is a sub-folder (of the primary) or you can get here via which is a sub-domain (of the primary). So, why, why why? Well, well, well because I only have one cPanel to control all domains and therefore they are under ONE account. But you can register a domain name and have it point to sub-domain and give it its own… err, name. Main name name main.. blah blah blah. Still confused? Yeah, it’s kinda weird, but if you saw the FTP tree you’d get it. They’re running together, literally. Everything is cramped into one place, but yet each has its own space (Is this rhyme time or something?). Adding the latest domain, I have decided they need separation. Enter WHM.

WHM, aka Web Host Manager is cPanel’s mother, for lack of better words. “… WHM allows you to but is not limited to administering individual accounts, reseller accounts & performing basic system & control panel maintenance via a secure interface..” Okay, so what benefit does this have? Well, WHM gives you a cPanel for each domain, firstly. There you can set up e-mail for each domain, control the separate databases, and keep tabs on each domain within its own controlled enviroment. There are no more redirections to sub-domains or sub-folders. Also, in WHM you can partition off diskspace and bandwith for EACH domain which is awesome! So, if is only using 60 Megs of diskspace and 2 Gigs of bandwith a month, you can partition it as such.

From the above, hopefully you can see the advantages of WHM with reselling. If someone signs up with you for a webhosting account you first add them into WHM. From there, you partition to them what they ordered. You can set up how much diskspace, how much bandwith, how many databases, e-mail accounts and all the other jazz. WHM is your control panel to all the other cPanels. So, before I start selling I have to learn how to use WHM. It doesn’t seem that hard. The hard stuff is going to be Nameservers and DNS. All that crap is for another day, though.