My fantasy of XJ-9

xj9.jpg I am not much of a cartoon watcher but it seems Nickelodeon is always on in the house with kids around. Yesterday a show came on and I think I may be victim to its fan base. The show is called My Life as a Teenage Robot. Based on the title, I think you get the gist. She’s a girl. She’s a teenager. She’s a robot. She’s a teenage girl robot. Her name is XJ-9 but her friends call her Jenny. Her mother is a mad scientist and created her wanting a “child”. Check out the full premise on Animation Insider. Well, I don’t care if she’s a robot or not. She’s hella cute and I can’t wait to watch again this evening. The show just launched this year and I am going to try to watch it from here on out. I’m kinda mad I just found out about her yesterday. I have a thing for anime/cartoon girls and evidently I also have a thing for robots! In doing some catching up, I came across TvTome’s show page where I checked the episode list and read the episode guide. It seems I have only missed 10 since I watched two yesterday. New episodes of My Life as a Teenage Robot are shown on Fridays at 8:30PM and then repeat on Saturdays at 12:00PM and Sundays at 7:00PM (these are Eastern Times). All of the reviews I read gave good remarks. EntertainYourBrain gave it 4 TVs out of 5. The poorest review I found was a score of B- from There is a lot of info about this show. Editorials, reviews and other story shorts. The best site to check out is TvTome’s Page which has a lot of info. Or, run a Google Search! If you get a chance, tune in to Nickelodeon and watch it!

2 thoughts on “My fantasy of XJ-9”

  1. I love that show I think it’s very cute! They have oretty good animation Jenny they drew her really good though. Here’s one way to get people attracted to anime!

  2. I am also a unbeknownst fan of the show, i found her on while flipping channels and like the character for much the same reasons as you…

    you should check out for many fanart interpretations of Jenny…most done in more realistic anime styles but very cute none the less. Have you read the shows blog?

    just sharing the fandom.

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