Lori came over last night and we were talking about web sites and Christmas and presents and all the blah blah blah junk. I then mentioned building a web site for her for Christmas. She was pumped.. deciding what she wanted to add and have and then wether she wanted members. Everytime she would say the word “members” she would raise her eyebrows up and down and with a smirk on her face would do that rolly tap finger thing. Something is exciting about being a site admin. If you build it they will come…. So she is going to do a site on music with music reviews and songs of the week and blah blah blah. It’s all been done before.. but never has it been done grittykittye style. She is going to post flyers at her work (a music store). She said she would put flyers up for my hosting business and she would give out business cards for me at public functions. I am excited. I need to register her a domain name and try out some different CMSes. I need to find one geared around reviews and news and forums. I have exhausted PHP-Nuke so I may try something else. Christmas is going to be here soon so I will have to get cracking. Grittykittye…..