Yesterday I was talking about RSS Feeds and today I was researching even more. I was checking out the Mozilla Firebird Extensions looking for something neat-o to add that would affect my browsing experience in a positive way. I came across an RSS Feeder called Aggreg8. I ran the install, restarted my browser and was unable to locate the extension in my tools or options. Damnit! Searching around I stumbled upon the reason. When installing in basic Mozilla it adds it to the tool bar but when using Mozilla Firebird you have to access it via a link. Easy enough. So I can run an aggreg8er in a background tab while surfing around doing whatever or call it up when I want. Handy! The real problem, as stated yesterday is finding Feeds. That is something I will have to do this evening. Also, Aggreg8 has a User Manual which explains how Feeds can be added, edited and broken into categories. This is by far my favorite Firebird Extension. RSS, RDF and XML come in plain text format and are rather unappealing. But its great to be able to call up an extension and read all of the headlines in one place and then open tabs in the background of the stories you want to read.

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