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I finally figured out how to use RSS Feeds on my site. stands for Really Simple Syndication. I have 4 Feeds running to the left of the story you are reading now but they are only for Admins. I finally have a place to come, read all my gidget and gadget news, all my web shmeb news and syndicated news from other sources. Both and can be syndicated. Check out the RSS Feed of The process is rather simple. You link to that document in a block or section of your site. It displays that document on your site as a series of links with each link being a title of a story that was recently posted. PHP-Nuke’s default display is 10 stories I believe. Every time a new story is posted the RSS Feed is updated and everywhere it is syndicated will display an updated Feed with a link to the most recent story. Get it?

When perusing sites today on your pursuit for.. I dunno.. a story to read, a game to play or whatever you do in your daily peruse, look for RSS Feeds. The link to them can normally be found at the bottom of the site or even up towards the top of the site. They are often hidden so that you can’t find them all to well. There are several types of syndications as well as several versions. In the past hour between writing this story and getting information, I have been soaking up the gist of RSS, RDF which stands for Resource Description Framework and XML which is Extensible Markup Language. These are the three main types of syndication, with RSS being the most widely used. Since I am not a technical jargonist in the slightest and feel that there is no way I can explain the differences in a short entry you will have to check the links I have provided for information regarding these types of syndication.

When searching for Feeds you would normally go to your most frequented sites and search for the Feed address itself. But what if you’re just looking for Feeds on a certain subject? Well you can use a few RSS Feed Search engines like Feedster. It’s used like a basic search engine and then when you find a site that is relevant you can grab its RSS Feed in the search. BUT you will rarely get relevant Feeds. It seems to turn up blogs and commentary sites before it will turn up a factual based site. Do a search for a RSS Feed Directory sorted by relevance. Check out all the blog crap! Kinda disheartening on your search for Feeds. A better resource is NewsIsFree which separates links into categories. If you want unlimited access to all of the RSS links then you have to pay but you can browse for free.. so, why not just click through to the actual site and then get the RSS from there? Umm.. yeah… Still, the best way to find Feeds is to do a basic search in Google on a topic. From there, find relevant sites and then on those sites look for its Feed. They can be basic links or frequently appear in the form of images. The most popular images are:

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