Paying for RAM with Pottery

For the past week or two I have been cranking out pages for the hosting business I am going to start. I have been questioning how I will take care of the ordering/billing crap. I not only found a solution today, but I managed to install it, configure it and am now editing pages within. I’m a genius. I figured I would use osCommerce to wrap the ordering/billing all into one. This way I can keep track of who has ordered what and when. Eventually I think I am going to move to either ModernBill which runs about $179 or ClientExec which is $99. Both of these have support ticket systems integrated within so your customers don’t have to log in to multiple systems which is nice. They are both designed specifically for web hosting sellers which is exciting.. kinda like a custom tailored suit. Of the two I think I will end up going with ClientExec. It’s customizable and seems to have a pretty nice interface. I’d like to have everything set up before launch so I may just outright buy it. I think the osCommerce will work out for right now and maybe after I get this job I will upgrade to a “real system” a month or two after launch.

I’m excited. Lori got these two towers from work and she said I could have one if I was interested. She is bringing it over to me this week to check out. If I don’t use it, I am going to rip it apart. Lori needs RAM so badly in her PC. I told her she might be able to combine the RAM in these towers and use one of them as a PC. She doesn’t know what OS they run but I am determined to get the girl some RAM. She is thinking about purchasing a new computer, or financing one. I feel sorry for her. I can’t imagine going a day without being on-line or touching the keyboard. But, I am sick.. so that doesn’t count!

She is also bringing me Bowling for Columbine since she said I absolutely must see it. I guess it’s fabulous or something…

I caught the late show of Carnivale last night and managed to fall asleep about half way through it. I think they repeat it on Tuesdays nights which is perfect. So, since tomorrow is the final we won’t have a full class and I can get home early and watch it. I registered for three classes in the spring and am thinking about registering for two more. I asked Lori if she wanted to take a pottery class with me next summer and learn how to operate a wheel. She was all, “Hell yeah!”…. So I am going to have to check out the Continuing Education catalog. I think it will be interesting to learn how to operate a wheel and create something. It will probably turn out like a 7th grade project but I don’t give a shit….