Battle of the browser

In my most recent blog entry I said I had found a soultion to IE’s bad habits. It’s called Avant Browser. As much as I loved it for it’s intuitive interface, ability to be skinned and all around ease of use I had to let it go. It was having Java problems which is mentioned all too often in their own forums. Another reason I had to drop it was its inability to be consistent with page loads. Sometimes it would load the page, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes it would load the text and completely forget about the images. All it did was piss me off but I looked for solutions. I really did. I searched high and low for patches, a fix for Java problems. Also, it claimed to be faster than IE but I deemed it slower in a lot of areas. I was on the hunt for something new. I installed MyIE2 which is a tabbed browser but encountered the exact same problems. Images were not loading and Java problems everywhere. I tried Opera a month or so ago and decided it was out. I found it to be too cluttered. Also, using Opera, I was having issues with a particular block on and that drove me nuts.

So searching around today I was reminded of Mozilla which I had installed around the time I was playing with Opera. I didn’t like it for some reason and i couldn’t remember why. So I grabbed a copy of their most recent distribution, Mozilla Firebird .7, and decided to give it another try. Importing my Favorites was easy and I began customizing. Upon further exploration I found an extensions page where they have mods for the browser. Some of them are rather handy. I added an extension called Tabbrowser Extensions which allows you to re-order your tabs, lock tabs, un-close tabs, group tabs and a lot of other features. I also grabbed an extension called Mouse Gestures. You can click your left mouse button and scroll to the left to go back in a browser. Click your mouse button and scroll up for a new tab. Kickass! The only annoyance thus far with Firebird was the fact that I had to install a flash player for it and a java exe. But both issues are resolved so I am happy! Mozilla releases nightly builds for Firebird so I will have to check and see what that is all about.

Mozilla has a number of projects in the works. These range from Browser Components with Java Integration, Browser Infrastructure and Non-Browser projects. One of the non-browser related projects I am going to check out is an e-mail and news client called Thunderbird .3. I’m ‘cited!