IE Organization

I have a tendancy to run several programs at once. SEVERAL. At any given moment I have AOL Instant Messenger running, three IE windows, iTunes and another program running. I hate IE. I hate the fact that it takes up so much room on my little taskbar where all of my program tabs are. I need organization and I remember reading in PC World about an IE “tabber”. So I grabbed it today. It’s freeware and it’s called Avant Browser. I messed with it for about ten minutes and decided I was sold or, since it’s freeware, I was freed. Freed from IE’s constant need to take up so much room. Avant Browser is a program that tabs the windows you have open and you can bounce from them with a click of the mouse. You can cascade them, tile them vertically or tile them horizontally. It has a pop-up blocker, flash media blocker, image blocker and a few other neat-o features.

You can also SKIN it if you want to express yo’ self. I am currently using the Chrome skin and I am so so on it. I am probably going to switch to the Hornakapopolis (say that three times fast) skin. I was so psyched that I wrote the author to comment on his brilliance. Does he have any idea what he has created here? This is a truly revolutionary program and I am having a very hard time believing it is freeware. I have noticed a few bugs. Well, for sure, one. It is giving me trouble with javascript. I was having a problem viewing my newest venture which has a script running on it. That sucks, but oh well…. oh frickin well. I have been freed!

And now since I have so much room I am feeling the need to open more programs. Ooooh.. what’ll it be? Dreamweaver, Fireworks, iTunes and IM running along side EditPad Lite? Sure! Aaah… Another great freeware progam. EditPad Lite is the ultimate text editor. Notepad Shmotepad. EPL also has a tabbed interface. Check the Screen Shots and see what I mean. Those are actually shots of Edit Pad Pro which I will have to get a code for. It seems to have a few more features than EPL including “find and replace”. I’ll never go back to Notepad… it pulls diappearing acts of files and you have to resize it whereas EPL uses tabs. Tabs are the way of the future. Tabs are God-like…. tab me baby.