Tony Hawk Underground

This Tuesday, Neversoft releases the next chapter in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Series, called Tony Hawk Under Ground (T.H.U.G.). GameSpot did an excellent review of the game in the Xbox section of their site. It seems Neversoft managed to further develop the career mode with cut screens and an emphasis on story development. You start off as an unknown skater from Jersey and the goal is to go pro. This chapter in the series lets you develop your own tricks which should be interesting. I saw a screen shot of a character doing a SackTap (pictured at left). Gross! I was checking details and managed to stumble across the Playlist for the game. Rock, Hip-Hop and Punk lace the chapter with artists like Jurassic 5, DJ QBert, KISS, Nas, NOFX and Social Distortion. You can turn particular songs off or completely cut out an entire genre. T.H.U.G. is supposed to be the best in the series with cleaner graphics and smoother transitions. Activision, the game’s publisher is spending more money. on advertising for this chapter than any other. It seems like they have a powerhouse of supporters behind them including AT&T Wireless, DC Shoes, and QuickSilver. The article states that “… The game will also be advertised on 5,000 movie screens during previews for such movies as Matrix: Revolutions and Scary Movie 3…”

I am wondering what all of the hype is. I am a hardcore THPS fan. I used to play it on the Dreamcast like an addict. But, in this chapter, you don’t play any of the skaters. You will never skate as Bob Burnquist or Chad Muska. I remember when 3 came out and I got to skate as Bam Margera.. or was that 4? Hmmm…. Now I am getting them screwed up. Naahh.. I think he was in 4. Anyway, I remember being excited that I got to skate as these guys. I may have to run out and get Tony Hawk Under Ground next week. Or the week after. When i get some cash. I am interested to see the “story mode”, which seems to be the MAJOR hype, come to life.