Oh my.. I was chatting with my boy, zachary from yesterday and mentioned theming a PC. I had never used a tweak or a theme before. So, he tells me to get StyleXP. It’s shareware so it’s bound to expire.. unless of course you patch it. I grabbed a very very nice key generator off kazaa. Software never expires and free upgrades for a year. Thanks! So I themed my desktop, changed my log in screen and I found a sweet desktop background to go with my theme. To get themes you go to and you can grab a lot of stuff. I love my theme, but am most excited about my desktop background.

Check it out: It supports three different screen resolutions. 800X600, 1024X768 and 1200X900. With my theme, it looks beautimous. I have had the shittiest day, today. Had a fucked up convo with my friend. My sister left both of her kids here today for 9 hours and I am bouncing back and forth trying to get shit done.

I decided to pop in the CSI game for the PC. I played it months ago and got really bored today. It appears they are releasing another edition. If it is anything like the first I am a definite buyer. The previous link states that “…no specific details have been released on the game’s features, and Ubi Soft hasn’t specified which platforms the game will ship for…” Ooooh.. I doubt it will hit anything but the PC. It’s a great game, although I find there to be too much dialogue. I have a thing for Catherine so I can listen to her over and over again telling me to “process the evidence before collecting it”. Rrrooww Rrroowww….