left behind…

I was trying to FTP some things to today and I noticed that they weren’t showing up. So I was puzzled, thinking it was the module that I was trying to send..but, no. And so… I sent an e-mail to my host’s support team. No response yet. Then I decided to run a DNS report. It appears, the domain name, was left behind on the Pluto server. Woe is me. So, I wrote my support team back and told them I found the problem and solution and asked them to take action. Hopefully they do. They tend to slack off a little and forget to do things. You have to stay on em… But, oh well.. They are normally very good about response time which makes me wonder if they are even getting my e-mails. That would suck. So everything I sent has been sent to a sub folder at my main domain. How weird! I never knew that existed. I am thinking about getting a reseller account so I can have to separate control panels for the two sites. This way, if I want to get into reselling I have an idea of how to do so. I think it would be pretty cool. My host has some pretty reasonable plans for reselling, but they are not that good in comparison to another host I found. Citadelhost has plans that blow Crediblehost out of the water.

They have a plan that provides 2 GB of space and 30 GB of bandwith for a dollar more than I am paying now. A dollar! To get that with CredibleHost I would have to fork over another $7 a month. And, Citadelhost has great reviews at Web Hosting Talk forums. Will I make the switch? I am unsure. If my host now gets my current dilemmas worked out soon enough, then probably not.

Speak of the devil. Received three e-mails just now from my host. She switched the nameservers for YAY! And she is checking the webmail for me. I am not able to get any outside connection to the mail server. I can access mail through the browser, but not with Incredimail or MS LookOut!!. Checking 5 e-mail accounts through the browser sucks. Logging in to each and then logging out. Lame. Incredimail grabs em all for me an puts them into one box. Little dudes on skateboards, and holograms, and ducks, and crystal ball weilding chicks let me know I have mail. I spoiled myself.

There are a lot of things going on this week. I have my HTML course on Tuesday. Wednesday, I got to see The Lion King at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Then, I have some stuff due in my on-line course, have to take people to the airport Friday, and Saturday I have hella stuff to do. But Tuesday, after class, Lori and I are heading to Houlihan’s for massive Long Island Ice Teas. I haven’t been to a bar in a while. It should be interesting. Had a pretty nice weekend, but that is another entry.