Movin to the Shack

My day sucked yesterday. I was having weird thoughts about the friend ordeal. I didn’t get a good grade on an exam I took. I fucked up this site yesterday. And to top it ALL off, the mother of all bitch slaps… both of my sites were down for three hours straight. Three hours. That is a lot of downtime. I was so pissed, but there was nothing I could do. Evidently my server is at and they were having major problems last night. They are always having problems. My site always goes down for short blips. I use to monitor my up and downtime. They send an e-mail to you stating your site is unavailable. And then they send you an e-mail stating your site is … errr.. “re-available”. It’s a snazzy service and great to have if you just got with a host and want to monitor the downtime.

So, upon knowing of this downtime, I posted in my host’s forum. Then I posted an hour later, letting them know it was still down. Then I decided to e-mail the “support”. There is not really a support team. It’s one older woman running the show and a few guys. I think, overall, there are three. So… after a few back and forths, she suggests I move to a server elsewhere. She will do the entire move for me and will keep the site up on Pluto(the name of my server) until the DNS changes go through. She is moving me to a server at RackShack called Zeus. Doesn’t that sound mighty?

RackShack has a really good rep. So, I am thinking downtime will be minimal. And, I am moving to a server with more RAM which I think will help with page loads. Pluto is a P4 2.4 Ghz 512 RAM server and Zeus is a P4 2.0 1 GB RAM server. Processor speed goes down, but RAM goes up. I was comparing the page loads last night between the Pluto sites and the preview Zeus sites. Zeus is mighty. Page loads are soooo fast. I can’t wait…

Uggghh.. it’s Saturday