scary shit

It’s totally scary shit when you try to modify something and everything goes wrong. I was thinking about switching my theme here, and so I found a folder of 266 themes. So, I am perusing them, and I see three that I really like and I FTP them, go into my preferences and start playing. First one was slick, but the blocks lost definiton. The second was too dark of a blue. Then, the third came…

I Switched to the third and got some MySQL errors in my header. (One of my functions somewhere in this site is wrong and it even tells me the location but I have not sought it.) So, I decide that that one won’t work and I opt to go back to Helius but the system won’t let me switch themes. I can’t switch to anything and I’m getting freaked out. I really don’t want to start over but I see there is no choice. Everytime I try to do anything in the Admin setting, it takes me to the “Your Account” page. There are no accounts here. I don’t even have one. This is run solely from the Admin area and has no “user” input. So, I start copy/pasting my entries into notepad, fuming that I have to do this AGAIN.

Then I decide, “Screw that shit! I am fixing it this time.” I am not gonna let some fucking theme ruin everything I have done. So I go into phpMyAdmin and decide I am going to fix this. I look for preferences, settings, any kind of table that seems descriptive enough to be the one I am looking for. How about “nuke_config”? Right…. for configuration. So, I open the table, see the dreaded theme, delete it and type in Helius. I go back to my browser and hit refresh. HAHA! I am the ruler of the world!

If I can conquer phpMyAdmin and change tables of MySQL databases then I can do…. JUST THAT! It’s really good that I have been reading books on SQL, lately. It’s really good that I have tried changing things in phpMyAdmin, too. I can do things from the front side… but it’s always good to learn how to do it behind the scenes, too. So, I am happy… happy again. WooHoo…!