I added a few more tracks to the mini mp3 player. All of the tracks are from the album I have been ranting about as of late, The Love Below from Outkast’s Andre 3000. The playlist is short, but covers the eclecticity of the album. So you should give it a spin…

I watched CSI tonight. I can’t stand Grissom’s facial hair… it is starting to bother me. I wonder what they were thinking. Someone needs to grab a razor and put it on that boy’s face. Gross.

But, Catherine was showing some really nice cleavage in a wifebeater. Nice cleavage. She was scooping water and foam from a tub that held a bloated dead body for four days and her cleavage was rocking. She’s the oldest of the two main chicks on the show. I am down with older girls. Mmmmmm, older girls…..

It’s interesting to see what happens when you become just friends with someone you were with for an extended period of time. Well, for me it is. I start looking at other people and thinking things. I start looking at everybody. And thinking everything. But if I am in the car and hear a tune, or if I am out and see something that reminds me, I think about my friend. I think that will be around for a while. I also think I can get over it this time. I don’t know why, but I just can.