I added a mini mp3 player and changed the layout of the site a little bit.. moved the clock to the bottom left… and put the mp3 player in its place. It’s a slick little block… I can add tracks, different playlists.. and, if you detach the remote you can browse elsewhere and still listen. I will have to watch the bandwith and see how it does. I only have two songs uploaded, so I doubt there will be a problem. I don’t really have anything to go on because I deleted my bandwith report for September, so I guess I will find out this month. I was fooling around in my FTP client, deleting stuff, of course. And I deleted my bandwith report because it said it was a “temp” file. Yeah, I’m dumb.

My other site, sucks some major bandwith. I am going to blame it on the forum. I have heard that phpbb uses a lot of server resources. So, since it is the 2nd of the month, my bandwith report is back up and tracking. Here is a screen shot of my bandwith at for yesterday, the 1st:

That shows a transfer of 668.92 Megs in a day. transfered over a half Gig of info in a day. So, that means I need over 15 Gigs of bandwith each month. Right now, I have 20. But, since I can’t get my averages for last month, I have no idea if this is high or not. I can see stats before I deleted the tracking, and I am showing ranges of 360-843 Megs transferred each day. So, if I am transfering close to a gig a day, I need more bandwith. I won’t upgrade my hosting until it’s absolutely necessary. Right now, I have:

500 MB Diskspace
20 GB Data Transfer

30 MySql Databases

150 Pop3/Ftp Accounts

I use less than 100 megs of diskspace, which is a shame. It appears I am getting my money’s worth in bandwith, though. My next option is to go to:

1000 MB Diskspace
30 GB Data Transfer
75 MySQL Databases
500 Pop3/Ftp Accounts

What the hell am I going to do with 1,000 Megs of diskspace? 24 Megs shy of a Gig…That is insane! And 500 e-mail addresses? I use less than ten as is. I could always do another site. Okay, I am getting way too involved with this. I am asking for webhosting for Christmas. I have gotten close to $150.00 from donations. Maybe I will wait for another $50.00 and break down for a yearly package. $200.00 a year for that package is a sweet deal. A mighty fine deal.. a wonderful deal.. if I need it.. if it’s necessary…