St. Louis radio can suck me

St. Louis radio stations know when I am in the car, I swear to God. Not only do they know that, but they know my girl and I are “just friends” now. They play some of the sappiest shit and they do it on purpose. I am going to have to do a full cavity search this weekend and have the GPS chip in my ass removed. Bastards..

They never play anything good when I am driving around. I can’t remember a time when I was in the car actually happy I was listening to the radio. Fuck St. Louis radio.

If you ever come to STL, be sure to listen to something obnoxious. You won’t have any trouble finding that on the radio. Roll your windows all the way down, hang your arm out and drive 45.. no matter what the limit is. If its 60, 45 or 25.. drive 45. This is classic housier. This is STL.