I am an over achiever

Took my HTML course last night. My professor is rather quirky in that really good way. This is a five week course and I think I am going to like it a lot. I already finished my homework… even did extra credit. I am an over achiever like that.

I am still listening to Andre. He has been in my PC all morning. I have listened to the disc five times already today. Oh how I love it.

A few more lyrics:

“Behoooold, a Lady…
I see you standing on the wall….
Clap Clap,
you deeeeserve it all.”

“Everybody needs someone to rub their shoulders
And scratch their dandruff
And everybody need to quit actin hard and shit
Before you get your ass whooped (I’ll slap the fuck out ya!)
And everybody needs somebody to love”

Tonight I am going to finally get around to working on the WebLinks area. I want to use this a semi-blog/semi-homepage. I deleted a lot of the admin links and images so I can narrow down to the areas that need to be worked on. I am going to have a few sections. I want to have a mobile section, PHP Nuke section, and a few others. I have seen a WebLinks Module around somewhere. I will have to see what the difference is between the standard mod. If it is nicer, we will have to see. It if has an area for favicons that would be cool. I am unsure if my sites have favicons. Hmm.. that would be something to check into to. Its not a necessity, just a quirky little thing.